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    • 😂I have a friend, who out of frustration, will putt with the wedge he just used.  It's always a one putt even if he's raking it all around the hole.
    • I honestly don't know.  I don't have direct experience with junior golf, and don't know what other organizations for juniors do.  But you know I'm an old and set-in-my-ways guy, I think its at least a little rude to repeatedly walk away while someone is still completing a hole.  This policy seems to me to be a measure that AJGA has taken to address previous issues, and so may not reflect what golfers should consider normal in other competitions or situations.  If so, its training young players to be kind of rude, at least in my book.
    • Did you read the post I made where I showed and linked to the AJGA policy of doing just this? The Hurricane Junior Golf Tour made a group ahead of my daughter's enact this form of play, going so far as to tell the first girl to putt out to tee off on the next hole when she got there. You can't blame the kid for doing exactly as he's likely been taught to do. For it to be "rude" it would have to include the intent behind it. I could make the argument that since the kid was taught to do this, he views it as being rude to stay because in his mind that would slow down play. So he's being courteous by moving ahead and preparing to tee off on the next hole.
    • It depends on the situation as far as I'm concerned. If it's a foursome and one guy has either holed out or picked up and he goes to sit in the cart, I don't care. If I'm left alone on a green to finish up that would bother me. Maybe the latent thought there is that nobody gives a damn any more if I hole out or not. 
    • Here's what I'd like to ask everyone. No commentary, really, just a question: What has changed (weather independent, etc.) from February until today? Here in Erie, PA and off the top of my head: Much more golf being played. Masks inside anything, and sometimes even outside. Restaurants are still pushing outdoor seating and limited indoors (which doesn't feel totally weird, but does a little). Some reduced hospitalization and/or procedures. Chiropractors, for example, are seeing fewer patients (great for me as I can get in whenever!) LOTS more golf being played, particularly by juniors who don't have as many things to do. Kids are still doing stupid things. Almost nothing has changed there. All the changes to education. My wife is a teacher and she's going to have like 75% more work this year — and she was NOT one of the lazy teachers. She put in a lot of time, which is actually why she'll have so much more work to do this year. It's the actually lazy teachers or those who teach the "non-essential" courses that get another several months (at a minimum) of easy work. Retail is down. The Millcreek Mall is a ghost town. Other places like Lowe's and Home Depot seem almost unaffected. Friends and others are still working from home… which honestly makes sense if it becomes permanent. I've been a big fan of working from home since I got out of college. Pro sports are "back". No fans but they're playing. High school sports are not. Many college sports are not. I've run out of my self-allotted time, so that's all I've got. What has changed for you? 
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