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    • Somebody clearly has too much time on their hands.
    • If it is at the club house, I will pass the group if they aren't on the tee.  If it is in-between the course and the people are sitting at a beverage point on the course, I will ask them.  Have done both multiple times. I have even cut ahead a couple of holes if the group/groups in front of me are very slow and they won't let me pass
    • Really? I'm not getting into the nitty gritty here, but a few statements deserved a response: I do. I have a heavy background in the sciences, and I've demonstrated for a decade that I understand these things. You don't need to conduct an experiment specifically when other experiments have already been conducted. You may as well be saying "Well, you don't actually know what will happen if you walk off the end of a 500-foot-tall cliff, so try that and get back to us." Some things are "knowable" without having to conduct THAT specific experiment. I don't have to conduct an experiment to know that foregoing what the swing JV teaches is going to result in a less powerful swing. I've conducted a bunch of experiments of this type, in multi-million dollar labs with some of the best folks in the golf industry. I know what the science is, the biomechanics, the physics. And yet none of them are employing the Jim Venetos swing, despite it being around for 25 years. Hell, even S&T was on Tour for a few years. Some people can get through life with a car that doesn't go above 55. For others, they need more. The hell they're not. Now, @Robos, here are the rules for you going forth: It is on YOU to prove whatever you want to try to prove. We are under no obligation to do so, nor are you entitled to ask us. Jim has failed to do anything of this sort. You will refrain from speaking about things you do not know or understand, which includes any and all guessing about my background, history, or the "biases" I may or may not have. You don't know me at all. You will respect the fact that we've been courteous to this point and return to being courteous yourself. I have said the JV swing is a perfectly good way to get up to speed a bit more quickly. I've also said that, because of the limitations, it's not going to be everyone's "peak" swing; that it has a ceiling.
    • As they say, people who struggle with putting have a closet full of putters. My buddy was lights out with some no-name ancient putter but he was bent on getting a new one. Now he struggles. 10 years ago+  Ping G3’s Today mizuno 18 blades.    playing blades was a bad decision for my score but at least I can tell when I’m not dead center - hooray I guess. I will probably switch to CB’s
    • You’re not doing a very good job of conveying this:   His opinions are based on science and understanding of the golf swing. You don’t know anything about him and you’re dismissing his position based on that. You don’t need to design an experiment to test the difference between this method and the traditional method because understanding golf swing theory answers those questions. If a guy does X, the result is Y. If a swing lacks X, then it will likely not produce Y as a result.
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