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    • Been working on grip.  Went from bad to whatever this is (which is, at the least, better).   It’s been difficult.     
    • Alright y’all! We played 6 holes in practice today, from the red tees. I’ll give you a hole-by-hole walkthrough if my round, since I only played 6 holes. We played the 1, 2, 9 loop twice. No. 1 is a par 4, still a dogleg, but only 319 from the reds compared to 365 from the whites. I did something there that I’ve never done. I cut the corner, leaving me with just under 120 in. An easy 9I left me about a 10-footer. I left it about 3ft short, then missed the follow-up par putt and tapped in for bogey. Even though it had just stopped raining a few hours earlier, I thought the greens would be a bit faster than they were. Anyway, on to #2, which was playing 298 yards. Skied a 3W and left 150. Decided to hit my 7I, which was my 150 club. Off of soggy turf, I pured the shot to the back of the green. I then three-putted again for a bogey. +2 on the day. Then on to the par-5 ninth, which was playing 372. Made an easy par there, finally two-putting from about 15ft. I was playing a match against another one of my teammates, and I was six strokes ahead of him. On to #1 again. Hit an almost identical shot to the first loop, except this time I had about 130. Fatted it short, duffed a chip, and then took three more to get down for a double. Now +4 for the day through 4 holes. I had almost the same distance into the green on #2 as the first time after another poor shot, but this time I hit an 8I. Pin-high, about 12ft out. Easily my best shot of the day. I gave the putt a good read, and it died on the left lip and fell in, giving me the birdie and bringing me back down to +3. Fueled by momentum, I came up just short of the green in two on the par-5 ninth, our last hole of the day. I then hit a decent bump-and-run that ran about seven feet past the hole. With my coaches and teammates looking on, I barely missed the birdie putt, but tapped in for a par, and a final score of 3-over 29. Before we left, we were asked to share our scores. The best score was only two strokes better than mine, and two others tied me. While I’m thinking about it, here are two crazy moments from yesterday’s practice: 1) We were playing a 2-man worst-shot version of captains choice. On the second hole, my partner and I were 40 yards out, laying two. My partner’s ball landed right on the lip of the hole and spun out. That was a tough ball mark to fix. 😂   2) This was later, on the practice range. We were told to hit pitch shots to certain flags (which had holes underneath them). One shot was a GW to a pin about 25 yards out. I sent a missile right at the hole, and it slam-dunked straight in on the fly. Unfortunately, it did not stay in. I’m still laughing about this one as I write.
    • I think it is kind of hard to compare something that an entire team did vs something an individual did.
    • Ok.  This winter I’m really only working on two swing items.  Swing speed, and grip.     here’s where I’m at on grip.   Thoughts?   
    • True. And seeing as how most pros get their balls for free (I guess), how did that odd ball wind up in his bag? I can appreciate Henley's confusion. Packaging error at Acushnet? 
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