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Respect (Or Lack Thereof) for Singles/Walkers

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what a strange thread.  IMO - every single person out there is a single.  whether they start the round that way, finish that way, or get joined up with a predetermined group at the beginning or an ad hoc group during the round.

you only have the right to a single slot that you paid for.  If someone plays alone and considers the time slot to be their personal they should buy all 4 slots (ditto for a 2some or 3 some).

I play single all the time - sometimes it's not busy and I'm fortunate to play alone.  sometimes it's busy and I'm fortunate to join others for the round (usually I initiate, but sometimes I'm assigned if the starter is good at his job so I don't have to).

I'll play any way I like for my experience - extra ball occasionally even - my personal criteria is only if I keep pace with the group in front of me.

I scan the groups in front and behind when it's busy.  If there are openings the might combine two groups into a 4-some, I'll tell those groups and suggest combining, play through or whatever to facilitate.  Not very often is this a situation but if it is, it's usually a single that can leap frog to a 2 or 3 way.

It's not rocket science.  Be courteous and have fun and meet people.

Sounds like there are a LOT of snotty clubs and people out there.  Frankly, I have met almost none of them...

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I play a lot as a single and I play on munis to boot. You just gotta to figure out the score going in and know playing alone is going to be a long day. It's a dead giveaway if there is a line on the first tee.

Faced with the prospect of a long day, I'll goof around on the putting green for a bit in case some ready company shows up. It's always good to even it out if you can.

On blistering hot days, I'll get a riding cart and some extra beverages. That way I can put my feet up and relax while I wait.

Another strategy that comes at a cost is to go to another course I know will be less crowded. 

If no alternatives are available, play an extra ball and pace yourself accordingly.

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