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    • I'm in Ohio. This time of year, we go to the indoor golf simulator a few times a year. The last time we went, I used my new Cobra irons. Either it was one of those good days, or these irons are good. I'm going with the latter. The distances from the Golf Galaxy trackman to the indoor simulator seemed to hold up. I know the indoor simulator was pretty close to what I did on the course with my old set. So, I've picked up about 10-15 yards with the higher irons. Oddly, I noticed I didn't really gain much with the 5 iron. It was easier to hit, but didn't seem to go much further than my old 5 iron. Could have been something I was doing, or could have been the simulator, those things aren't the most accurate. I found it interesting that I let my friend try the 7, and he didn't notice any distance gain over his old Callaway XRs. He's a little better golfer than I am, but on this day I crushed him by 8 strokes. That felt good. I'm 62, in decent shape, bought the Cobra SZ with graphite shafts, regular flex. What I'm seeing is distance gain, and straighter more consistent hits. Again, this is the simulator, but I can compare this to previous trips using my old clubs. I'm really stoked to get out and use these things for real. As an aside, the guy at Golf Galaxy seems to have fixed my years of woes with fairway woods. I was hitting it well at the simulator, something I couldn't do before be it simulator, real grass, concrete, or on foam! I had one that went about 245 yards. In fact, as the day wore on, and the beer flowed, I mistakenly pulled my driver and hit it off the deck, successfully. That leads me to a question, what is the appropriate thank you for the guy at Golf Galaxy? He spent some extra time, and picked up a flaw and I am really excited about that. Let his boss know? Give him some cash? I'm open to suggestions. Bottom line, if you're getting new irons, don't overlook the Cobra SZ. They are game improvement, so they're kind of big, and the soles are a lot bigger than most. But if you're like me, and don't even think about the looks of the club, you just want performance, give them a go.
    • I've been meaning to try soling it, then pick it up an inch or so on the backswing. I'm a sooollleee man 🎶
    • I would have called the proshop as soon as the group was a full hole behind.  If they decide to take a lunch break, I would just walk up and play the hole. You cannot hold your spot by leaving your bags at the tee box. 
    • She had a line of golf clubs, from Wilson I think. Mickey Wright irons, putters, etc. Why "commercializing her success" would make her a bad person (implied), I don't know.
    • I like walking when I play, so that may contribute to playing better in general when I walk. I will ride when they force me to ride (i.e., when the green fee includes the cart fee) or when all of the guys in my group ride. I prefer walking when given a choice as it allows me to reset my thoughts between shots.
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