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    • If the players are independent contractors, how come there is a minimum number of tournaments they have to play each year? If they are independent, how come they have to get tour permission to play in conflicting events? If they are independent, how come they have to pay a rights fee to the tour when they appear on TV in a non-tour event? I guess I’m assuming there is going to be some entity to present the players, give them a platform. I just don’t know how much control  the PGA TOUR should have on the talent if they do at all. I probably don’t know enough about the details to be commenting.😗    
    • I didn't consider what a "replacement TV golf tour" might be, so maybe I should rephrase my opinion a bit.  I think that seeing top-level golf on TV regularly is good for golf.  Whether its the PGA Tour or top level amateurs or women or whatever, I think high-level golf on TV is good for the game of golf. If there wasn't any televised golf at that level, we probably wouldn't have huge concerns over distance, nobody would be aware of how far the ball CAN be hit.  We almost certainly would have slow play.  Its possible it would be less of a problem, but we'll always have some players who are faster or slower than others, and conflicts between them.  Who knows how our time would be spent, my best guess is that those of us who want to see sports on TV would have found something else to watch.   For costs of play, and of equipment, perhaps we wouldn't have seen the same level of technological advancements.  Without a big publicity platform, perhaps there wouldn't have been the demand, perhaps we'd have fewer golfers, and fewer golf courses.  I just don't know. And last, I believe very little of my opinion relates to Tiger.  My addiction to golf, and my enjoyment of watching the PGA Tour on TV both predate tiger by a couple of decades.  As you say, without golf on TV its possible that Tiger would have excelled in a different sport, or in a completely different field.
    • This is a good question....I voted yes but....I agree with with the whole "watching the best players", "showcasing great golf courses" etc. but I think it also has a few negatives. I can't remember how many times I've stood on a tee or in a fairway and saying (about the group I'm waiting on), "these guys need to quit watching golf on T.V. and get moving". I love watching a guy look at his putt for a double bogey from three different angles and then plum-bob it and then miss by two feet. I also come down (against) on the guy who goes out and spends big $ on "new and improved" equipment so he can hit a longer banana ball into the woods instead of dropping that $500.00 on a series of lesson so he can actually learn how to play the game. All of that being said, I love to watch all levels of golf. I am willing to spend $ to attend tournaments and try out some of the new equipment (and purchase it if it improves my game). The tour definitely drives golf at all levels (both good and some bad). I'm pretty sure, however, I would still play the game if there was not PGA tour to watch on television. I'm not 100% yes on my vote but I'm not a 100% no either. 
    • No, nor have I seen it. I think his definition needs to be determined. In a world where there should be NONE, if you see three infractions a year, is that "a lot"?
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