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    • Played Royal in Slidell, LA last Monday and this morning.  Shot 87 last week and 88 today.  Ground still pretty wet and got breezy as the morning went on.  59* when started this morning and was 70* when started.
    • When you pay and join Jim’s academy you send him videos and he gives feedback. Once you demonstrate an understanding of the swing and can execute it as prescribed he graduates you.  I can’t graduate because my arms don’t (for lack of better terms) fall into the slot - I need to let them just fall but my brain won’t do it. Supposedly if I just focus on my lead foot and let my hands and arms do their thing everything will work out - but this is easier said than done for me. My brain just doesn’t trust my arms - so that’s what I’m working on.
    • Where golf balls matter most is around the green.  No high handicapper can deliberately play a draw or fade at will.  Most will have a shot shape they can't change.  Hence a distance ball would suit them better for long shots.  However, around a green, a softer ball is the better option.  You can stop a ball on a green and putting feel is generally better.  Thus, for me the best option is the mid level balls (3 piece), which aren't pure distance, but aren't tour either, which have some stopping power around the greens, but not as much as tour balls.  They are between the two in pricing as well.  Given a choice, my pick of ball to play with is the NXT.
    • I think the PGA is both good and bad for the game. Good in the regard that it makes the game visible. It provides an advertisement for courses and exotic locations other than the local muni! I have to imagine there are a few people who were brought to golf because of the PGA on TV? Not all of us were brought to the local muni by our Henry Vardon loving Irish grandfather! It also provides a great example of the game played by the rules (most the time). I have had my share of experience with golfers who don’t play out of bunkers or behind trees because “I paid $100 for this round, I am going to hit from where I want to”. I think the PGA showcases some of the best golfers, and allows us to view their triumphs and mistakes. I think being able to see a world class golfer shank one into the drink is a excellent example to all golfers, that this stuff happens. The bad- I think the PGA also sets a bad example for amateurs, by setting up unrealistic expectation. I know plenty of hackers who walk off 20 ft putts at the muni, like they are trying to win the masters. When you are a bogey golfer or putting for a double bogey, lets not spend all day viewing the put from every angle. How many hackers and better than hackers, buy the newest gear when they could play just as well with their 30 year old McGregor Irons? How many hackers us Prov 1s or tour balls, because they see a guy on TV? I think without the PGA golf would not be where it is today. However, I think the PGA does not do its best to grow the game. Golf being as expensive as it is, tends to have a very elite and high end advertisers and viewers, and I don’t see that changing. I don’t think the PGA is doing a good job diversifying its audience, but I also don’t think it intends to. Just my $.02
    • Two is a bit of an exaggeration, but… name them? Riviera. Harbour Town? Pebble (but then they have the celebrities out there for that one, so meh, plus Pebble is overrated). Uhm… The Greenbrier? Maybe? Yeah, I'm about done. PGA TOUR - Tournament Schedule View the complete tournament schedule of the PGA TOUR.  
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