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Line or No Line Putting

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I've never used a line on my golf ball to help align my putting.  I don't know about anyone on TST, but I've seen lots of players really get slow, aligning the little line, back up and look at it, re-

I currently putt without using any sort of mark/line. I have tried a handful of times on but never really committed to it because I seem to putt better without it. May give it another try at some poin

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On 11/14/2016 at 1:43 PM, Strat-Pack Rick said:

I checked for a thread on this, promise.  Ive always put a line on the ball when i mark them for I.D. The line helps when i practice to see a wobble from my stroke. I thought the line would help on the course with lining up putts but i have recently quit using it and im putting way better. The line just causes me trouble when playing but i still practice with it. Just curious about who uses a line and who doesnt. Maybe im just not using the line correctly or its more trouble than its worth.

I myself do not use a line. I have learned also that the putterhead whether being pointed straight, left, or right of the hole does not mean that is where the ball is going to go. I pay more attention to the way my feet set up towards the line I want to hit the ball on. Once I get settled onto that line I dont waste much time hitting the putt. To me a line on the ball seems to just complicate the putt. It seems like most pros use a line, but again most of us are not pros...

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lol. everything is sensitive these days.

I put a line on the ball because it makes it easier to identify in the woods. "Yeah, that one's mine."

I don't use it on the green because i can't line up the line very well. We all have our little methods of lining up putts.  

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