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At the end of the summer I suffered a broken foot after participating in a 5k for charity event, shortly before leaving for college, and it left me away from golf clubs until now. I have not swung a club with the intention of hitting a ball in about 3 months, and I desperately want to get back to where I was a long time ago. Over the summer I became obsessed with knowledge, and I attempted to Self-Diagnose my own swing, and those of you on here that are instructors, you know how bad that truly can be. This caused me to refuse advice from obviously more qualified individuals than myself, and ultimately ruined my golf swing. A short subscription to evolvr fixed some of the issues, but it just wasn't the same as being in person for a lesson.

My question to all who read this is, if you were in my position, where would you start? I'm not sure what club to pick up first, metaphorically speaking. I already contacted my colleges Golf Team's Instructor who is kindly willing working with me, for a fairly decent price. Outside of lessons, I'm not exactly sure what I should be doing. I practice swing feelings all the time, and I truly mean all the time. Any time I get a stick-type object i swing it like it's a golf club, but I'm not sure what more I should actually be doing. I am planning on going to the range once a week. I am a full time student so any more is putting a lot of pressure on me in terms of grades, job, etc, and I just wouldn't have time.

Aside from that, I'm looking to re-read Lowest Score Wins, and be more active on this forum. Hello again everyone!

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Hey @freshmanUTA,

I've been in your shoes before and it's not fun at all. It sounds like your doing the best thing you can do already, working with a professional in person. The only other thing I could suggest to your question is to pick up a wedge and work on half swings and making good contact. There's a video @iacas shared with me on my swing thread that illustrates what I'm getting at. The longer the swing the more issues that can arise, in my opinion and just making good contact on short shots can go a long way for getting some confidence back. Just my semi educated take!

Good luck!

heres the video


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Hey there

No  doubt your pro is  the man who can actually see what you are doing and take his lead.That said you can always practice the fundamental issues we all have while at home/work/studying.things like grip and getting back into habits like a good posture can be done in the kitchen while the kettle boils/while revising!?.....Putting is another,ive got a putting mat in my kitchen ( its kept under a table in the corner!) so if you are struggling with swing it's nice to hole a few putts at least!! Good luck

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My lay off from the game was much longer than the OP's. I basically had to start from scratch all over again. Some folks even said I would never swing a golf club again. 

Due to the physical limitations of healing, and rehab, I had to start with putting, and work my way backwards from the green, to the tee box. For me it worked out.  If had started with my driver, I don't think I would be golfing now. 

So for various, individual reasons, starting from the green, and working backwards to the tee box is always an option when starting over. 

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Note: This thread is 1718 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • The above is the first I've heard of booster shots.  Hopefully I find a place to get one that doesn't involve over a half hour's drive to a city named Corona like my first two shots.
    • and, quoting the above: The line of best fit for the data of GIR vs score is 95 - 2 * GIR.  That's probably where @reidsou's number came from.   Note that, even if we treat it as the standard goal (I agree with you, as you'll see in a moment), an average 11-GIR round probably has one or two birdies thrown in, and I'd bet that most of those missed greens in such a round (again, for an average 11-GIR round) are probably very much near-GIR.  That having been said, there are some of us, such as the original poster on this thread and I, whose long game is such that more than seven GIR isn't unheard of (which that formula would "predict," if we use it to predict at least, a round in the 70s) but who still score in the 80s.  I even recently had a round with 9 GIR and a score of 90 -- which is why 95 - 2 *GIR isn't meant to predict any individual's score, but does still highlight the importance of GIR and ball striking. Which brings me to my next point, which is also @Shorty's next point:  yeah, 50% chipping and putting is not the way to go, certainly not long term.  Maybe with the goal of getting those traits to about an average 20-handicapper's level (without sacrificing approach shot strength), and then using the 15/20 time productively in future weeks to improve on them.  The nice thing about chipping and putting is that there is some low hanging fruit as far as getting competent goes, especially if one is building off the sort of short game shots that come from missing fewer than half of one's GIRs.
    • The people I noticed who got vaxxed early, some of it was they knew an inside person, other than knowing exactly which sites to hit and when. Like people who were fully vaxxed by February/March.  
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