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What are Your 2017 Golf Goals?

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My 2017 golf goals are as follows:

1. Get my Birdie (or better) to Bogey (or worse) stat to around 1.3 or higher.

2. Get my Fairways Hit up north of 50% and keep it there.

3. Get my GIR % to north of 65% and tighten my distance to the pin on greens hit from 25 feet to inside 20 feet.

4. Get my Chip and Down stat to over 55%.

5. Keep my Sand and Down stat around 50%, but I would like it to be closer to 55%-60%.

6. Better my Putts Per Hole stat from 1.69 to sub 1.6, and my Putts Per GIR from 1.85 down to sub 1.7.

- For all of the above I will do more deliberate practice.  I will practice chipping and putting much more than I already do (up from 2 hours per week to around 3).  I will work on my long game and short game more deliberately on the range (work more on working the ball both directions and being comfortable with either way too).  I need to practice these things as much as I play, which is usually around 4-5 times per week.  I would like to put in between 5-8 hours per week working on the range and practice greens. 

I believe if I can achieve the goals above which are more of my stat goals, I can achieve the following:

1. Shoot in the very low 70s consistently with more of the 60s scattered in.

2. Drop the last stroke and a half off my handicap.

3. Play in more tournaments and get comfortable in them, placing in the top half of the tournament.

4. Start playing well in tournaments...no more high 70s and 80s. 

These are my goals for this year, I hope to be able to come back at the end of the year and check most if not all of them off.  My game at the end of last year was trending in the right direction, my swing feels great and I have put in a lot of work in the gym this off season to help get me to where I want to be with my game. 



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On 12/29/2016 at 5:44 PM, Mico said:

Here are my goals

Overall: Reduce my handicap to under 10 from current 15. 

A. Improve swing. Generate an inside out swing so that I hit the ball more consistently and accurately. My current swing is very inconsistent and leaks power


fairways hit 7/13 from current average of 5/13

GIR 5/18 v. current average of 2/18

this improvement should reduce my score on average three strokes per round


5 minute swing practice every day with Sklz swing trainer and golf clubs

Once a week range/golf practice

B. Short game improvement 

I would like to improve my chipping and putting so that I can close out holes even when I miss GIR.


saves per round 4 (compared to two currently)

reduce three putts to average of 1.5 per round v. current two per round

reduce average total putts to 32 per round (versus 33.5 currently) 

This improvement should reduce my score on average two and a half strokes per round


practice chipping with almost golf balls at home

work on putting once a week at course (maybe invest in practice surface at home) 

C. Invest in instruction to achieve outcomes. Periodically throughout the year, I will seek instruction to stay on track with my improvements

january: professional instruction one hour

march: professional instruction one hour

June: professional instruction one hour

sept: professional instruction one hour

dec: professional instruction one hour



2017 Goal


Reduce handicap to 10 from 15


Increase fairways hit from 5/13 to 7/13

Avg dist. 200 yds


Avg. dist. 211 yrds


GIRs up from 2/18 to 5/18


Saves up from 2 to 4


3 putts down from 2 to 1.5


Total putts down from 33.5 to 32


Professional Instruction

January, March, June, Sept and December

January, February

Hitting more fairways and GIRs, but making fewer saves and taking more putts


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Golf goals for 2017:

•    Improve my GIR from my 6 iron and above. My GG stats show significant decline once I get to my longer irons. 
LW – 90% inside 45 ft.
8i – 80% inside 45 ft.
6i – 59%
5i – 47%
4H – 29%
    •    How?
        i.    Work on steeper shoulder turn and exaggerate the longer the club.
        ii.    Rotate right shoulder out and increase right side bend.
        iii.    Stand taller at address and not bent over so much from the hips.

•    Reduce my 3 putt total for 34 rounds(2016) from 70 to 35.
   •    How?
       i.    Practice long backswing, short follow thru on long putts
       ii.    Practice the feel of blocking the putts to keep my right wrist angle maintained.

•    Play in as many local am tournaments as possible to prepare for NC 2017

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index in the 1's.........................


Aim low....LOL...been there done that!  As of right now, I can't break 80.  It's early!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Since I am just starting playing again after taking 10 years off I plan to get to the range/course at least 4-5 times per week and get my handicap below 12.  I also plan to keep taking leasions ( had my first lesson ever 5 weeks ago and signed up for a package of 10). I also hope to be able to get into better golf shape by strengthening my back/core, losing some weight, and increasing flexibility.

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Looks like my new goal is to stay healthy so I can play. I pulled my intercostal muscle on my right side so no swings for me for 2-4 weeks (if I am lucky). And the worst part is I did it putting in new landscaping. Teach me to be cheap and do it myself.  I guess I can work on my putting until I am good to go. 

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21 minutes ago, Architex said:

Looks like my new goal is to stay healthy so I can play. I pulled my intercostal muscle on my right side so no swings for me for 2-4 weeks (if I am lucky). And the worst part is I did it putting in new landscaping. Teach me to be cheap and do it myself.  I guess I can work on my putting until I am good to go. 

Just don't be renting any houses and falling down the stairs...

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My goals in 2017: To simply enjoy playing golf. Towards the end of last season, I got really caught up in statistics and trying to establish a decent handicap. My final round last year was miserable thru the front nine. Then i decided to get rid of the score card and I just played. I don't think I've ever played better golf: 4 birdies, 3 pars, 2 bogies. I found that experience to be exactly what I needed. When I birdied the 18th it was pure joy. I had played the course at least 10 times that season, and it was the first time I ever birdied it (and I had to do it with my first ever sand recovery). Not so bad for a guy with a 24 handicap! 

If there's really one element of the game I want to really improve on this season, it'd be building consistency with my wedges. There were times last season when I couldn't hit anything and get it very close to the hole. And then there were blow ups where I could get a wedge to work to save my life. That's something that really needs to change for me, and it'll result in lower scores. 

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Easy, play five times a week. 

Maybe start keeping a handicap, after a couple weeks, anyway.

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Going out for the first time this season, figured it's a good time to post my goals:

1) Make better contact with my iron shots (i.e. those shots where you don't even feel yourself hitting the ball)

2) Play courses in my area that I haven't played before/play more rounds overall

3) Get my chipping and putting back to what it used to be

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Well, it is still kind of cold here. Played nine yesterday dodging snow flurries. But I can feel the improvement from the lessons and range time over the winter, so I am going to be more specific with my goals and make them things I can do without some magical increase in skill or athleticism.

  1. Improve concentration  by reciting mentally my short checklist before every swing.
  3. Keep a handicap index.

I guess these are more tactics than goals, but that's where my game is right now.

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I'm new here and this is my first post but what a perfect topic to post on. My goals are simple for 2017. While I started playing in the middle of 2016 this year I want to make vast improvements to my game. 

1. Consistently score under 100. While I may score one or two rounds under 100 I want to do this consistently. 

2. Gain more distance with the driver. While most rounds I don't even pull it out of the bag, when I do it's just terrible! 

3. Learn how to play a course. That may seem crazy to some but once I explain you'll understand. The last round I play I realized essentially on every par four I was pulling out my 3 wood for my tee shot the which club was the correct distance from there swinging. I realized that when I watch golf on any level ( I watch a ton of golf) there are times when you should hit iron off the tee. So I want to learn how to maneuver around the course and play the course for the best score. 

4. Get the true distance for each club. While I don't hit my longer irons that well I still need to learn how far I do hit them. 

5. Gain confidence. There are times when I am over the ball and I just know I'm not going to hit the shot that I want to hit. I know confidence is very necessary for me to reach my goals. 


For me me to achieve these goals, I must and I am currently....

Taking lessons. This has been tremendous for me. I have gained so much knowledge. The drills I'm shown give me something to work on to help with my swing. I see the difference in my game so my confidence is rising. 

I must continue to play and gain experience. This will help me as I seek lower scores in my future. 

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My goal for 2017 is just to consistently strike the ball well. Or said another way I want to avoid the "Blow Up" holes where I have duff after duff on my way to the green.

Since that will be hard to quantify, let's say the goal is to have more Pars or better than Triple Bogeys or worse.

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Having just resumed playing golf a month ago after a 15+ year layoff, my goal was to get back to shooting in the 80's consistently as I did back when. I've been to the driving range twice, took one lesson, played 9 alone twice, practiced putting a little and I've played three "official" 18-hole rounds so far and managed to get into the high 80's twice already (though on a very short local public course) - even with some laughably stupid/easily corrected mistakes. So my goal is in good shape. I guess I'll try to get my average into the low 80's and hopefully break 80 for 18 and/or 40 for 9 at least once yet this season (carded a 40 last Wed). And I am playing with 20 year old irons (pic left) & putter, but I did break down and buy some new but cheapo woods/metals TM RBZ's. My old putter has unfriended me so far so I may consider a new putter. With my modest goals, nothing wrong with my game that plenty of practice won't fix.

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    • if you can't reach the par 4's in 2 shots, then, i dunno what to tell you, other than youre playing the wrong tees lol.  golf is hard man, eagles are tough, and hole in ones are near impossible believe it or not there are pga tour players who get a hole in one in a tour event and it's literally their first hole in one EVER, meanwhile some low handicappers have multiple hole in ones in their lifetime.  I have 0, but I'll take near par rounds over a hole in one while shooting 80 any day.   I only just this year got my first eagle after driving a 260 yard par 4 and draining a 15 foot putt.  I've started to come close on some par 5's this year too as I'm now starting to hit the green on 2nd shots, but again, my focus is not on getting the eagle but rather setting up easy birdies and making pars as my 2019 goal was to break 80, which I now do regularly, so my next goal is to shoot par on a full 70/72 course.    as far as advice goes, you probably just have to be better.  eagles start with a good drive and a solid 2nd shot.  Know your distances, and be a solid ball striker so your shots actually go those distances 80% of the time, not just once in a blue moon.  I mean, unless youre getting 3-4 birds a round, what makes you think you deserve to get eagles? 
    • Welcome to the site from a fellow, albeit more seasoned, Daytonian. 
    • Interesting. Sometimes at the range I'll play a "simulated" round. I pick a local course I know well and imagine I'm there. First hole, 399yd par 4, hit Driver from the tee. I pick a particular target that represents the fairway. How far I hit it determines the club I pull for my approach, and I pick a different target to aim at so I'm not hitting on the same line every shot. And so on.  On the green do some specific drills, like Michelson's circle drill. Also, use a couple of tees to make yourself a "gate" that is about an inch wider than your putter. Put a ball between the tees and stroke some putts. This will train you to strike the ball in the center of the putter face. Heel and toe strikes will mess with you.  In addition to sharpening your short game, if lag putting is a problem then yes, you'll have to work on it. There's a thread on the "Swing Thoughts" page, I believe, titled "Do NOT accelerate when putting", or something to that effect. I've worked on this since I read it and it has improved my putting, especially my lag putting, a lot!  Sometimes, just work on putts from 3' to 5'. If you make a bad lag, and you will, we all do, those are the ones you have to make to avoid 3 putting. And, if you stick your approach close, those are the ones you want to 1 putt. I've heard more than one pro say that it's important to see the ball go in the hole! Over and over again. Practice success!
    • I am playing a set of Mizuno MP-18 MMCs, and really like them. They have a thin cavity, thin top line, and minimal offset. The SC version would also work. New MP-20s would be similar. Also if you don't mind a bit thicker top, something like the Callaway Rogue Pros are smaller headed with very little offset.  Again every company makes a small headed cavity back at this point.  Might also want to check out some of the component options. Maltby has some heads that would fit the bill if you don't care about what name is stamped on your irons.
    • True that! There was a time when I played a lot of tennis. I, and a friend, would play almost every day after work, and we got pretty good. He was 6'3", I'm 5'9", and he liked to take me deep and charge the net, Once I figured how to hit a deep topspin lob, he stopped doing that! 
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