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    • Getting the most distance off the tee is important. I used to take 4 iron off every tee because I knew that it would be in play and 180-190 yards out. After doing some reading and learning about strokes gained, I realized I was losing a lot of shots by not getting the ball as far as I could off the tee. If I were you, I would prioritize getting the driver/wood/hybrid shots down, at least to the point where you can find them 90+ percent of the time. Obviously 3 putting is bad, but if you put in the 15% time as mentioned, you should see a great improvement in this as well. Try to focus on where the 3 putt originates from. Some people 3 putt because they can't find the right line from 4-6 feet, or can't start it on the right line, where others 3 putt because they don't have good distance control on their first putt. It could be a combination of those things as well, but if you are one or the other, focus your time there.
    • My progress has stalled a little bit but I’m in okay shape. The easy holes I still need to birdie are 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13.  3, 4, and 14 are really tough greens that make it difficult to get the ball close. 15 is a medium-length par-3 that I just never seem to do well on.  I knocked off all the really simple ones, and a few of the trickier ones, early. No eagles, somewhat frustratingly. I’m or very close on the 18th green in 2 almost every time but it’s tricky to make putts on. 
    • I'd called or left a voicemail or text about it, but I wonder if you don't feel that your right knee twists inward during the backswing. Almost the opposite of the old sevam1 direction, where the knee (through the quads/hammies more than the lower leg) twists inward during the backswing a little. The feeling can work — that's not my question. The question is do you ever feel it that way? Another general question but for you specifically: if your issue (one of) is with your left hip flexion stuff, do you feel it during the backswing or is it a downswing thing only, and if it's the former, do you have any left hip feels or is it mostly right side feels for you?
    • Damn, that is really sad. I remember him from both Battle Bots and Mythbusters as well.
    • Grant Imahara, Host of 'MythBusters' and 'White Rabbit Project,' Dies at 49 An electrical engineer and roboticist by training, he worked for a long time at Lucasfilm's THX and Industrial Light... Grant Imhara passed away yesterday. I remember first seeing him on TV when he was on Battle Bots and later on Mythbusters which he’s probably best known for.
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