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How Do You Arrange Clubs in your Bag?


Club Arrangement  

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  1. 1. How do you organize your bag?

    • Put the clubs whereever
    • Put clubs in any open divider
    • Always group certain clubs together
    • Every club has one right location. Just one!

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I bought a bag with separate dividers just so I could have an unquestioned spot for everything. I'm a project manager in my professional life and everything is process and organization. I guess it carries over into my golf life too.
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It goes back in it's own slot, I have 14 full length dividers in my Nike bag and all my clubs have their own slot as follows...

3W/ Driver/Putter

I used to carry a GW in the empty slot but don't use it at the moment.
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I've been thinking about rearranging my clubs in my bag (since I have a hard time removing them and putting them back in sometimes).

Here is a photo of what I did today:

I use the following groupings:
- Driver/3wood
- Hybrid
- 4i/5i
- 6i/7i
- 8i/9i
- 56/60
- Putter

How do you guys fit your 14 clubs in your bag?

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I basically use the same type grouping as you except in 3s with the putter getting it's own slot. But this doesn't last long - first hole missed par putt, putter gets slammed in with woods. 2nd hole sprayed 9 iron now thrown in with wedges. Third hole duck hooked driver, spends time with long irons. And so on and so on, lol.
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I use a 14 slot cart bag.... no problem with organizing, and even better, the grips never get tangled in the bottom.

Back when I could still carry, I had (still have) a 4 slot Sun Mountain Eclipse stand bag.... 1-3-5 woods in the top slot, (2)-3-4-5 irons in the middle left, 6-7-8 in the middle right, 9I-PW-SW and putter in the bottom.

By the way, if you count you'll see that I only carried 13 clubs except for the 3 or 4 years when I carried a 2I... most of my life I've played with less than 14...
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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

I have a maxfli 14 slot bag, top row is driver, smaller driver, hybrid (if I feel I need it). Middle 3 holes are the 3,4,5 irons. Then at the 3oclock position and on clockwise is the 6,7,8,9,p,54* Putter is in putter well on side. I do okay with getting stuff in and out.
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Do whatever works for you. Personally your bag looks bass ackwards to me - like a complete 180 from the traditional (i.e. logical) way. But I started with old mini staff bags 5 or 6 slots (like a modern tour bag, but smaller). Clubs in ascending order of shaft length so they fit together properly and the heads of the short irons don't F up the ferrules on the long irons. Starting with the woods at the top, then long irons in the middle left slot, mid irons in the middle right slot, and wedges in the lowest slot. Putter fits in somewhere it won't wreck graphite shafts - most likely with the woods if playing steel shafts. This was before they had delicate milled faces and putter covers *coughsupergaycough*

I had to look long and hard for a 14 slot bag that allowed this same traditional club placement - or something close to it. Hence the Sun Mountain 4.5.

old school

more old school

even more old school

older school

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I had similar thoughts regarding accessibility of clubs in my bag. I organized a little differently:

Left column (top to bottom): Driver, 3-wood, 2 hybrids
Middle column (top to bottom): Putter, 4i/5i, 6i/7i, 8i/9i
Right column (top to bottom): PW, GW, LW

This way the long woods/hybrids have their own column and don't interfere with the rest of the clubs, the putter (the only club I always pull) is easily accessible, and they're organized by column: Woods/hybrids, irons, wedges. I kept longer clubs on top so that they can still hang slightly over the ones beneath them. I tried putting shorter clubs above longer clubs but they sat right against the longer ones making it annoying to pull out the longer clubs.
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