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How Do You Arrange Clubs in your Bag?


Club Arrangement  

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  1. 1. How do you organize your bag?

    • Put the clubs whereever
    • Put clubs in any open divider
    • Always group certain clubs together
    • Every club has one right location. Just one!

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My Callaway bag has 14 dividers and a putter tube so the clubs go in a specific order.  If my wife would pick up a wedge of mine by the green she just stands it up at my bag she wont even put it in because she thinks she will mess up my system.  It does bother me a bit to have one spot open because of the 14 club rule but I leave the same spot open all the time.  Why didnt they make 13 dividers with a putter tube?

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I am in Group D.  My wife is Group A.

Wedges in front

Short Irons

Long Irons

Hybrids and Drive in the Back

Putter in the putter sleeve.

I have individual dividers so everything goes into the same slot from which it was retrieved.  Is there really any other way?

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I'm anal so I answered D.  I have a 14-way divided bag in a 3-4-4-3 pattern back to front.

[Driver] [4i] [5i]

[3W] [6i] [7i] [8i]

[18*H] [9i] [PW] [GW]

[21*H] [54*W] [58*W]

There's also a dedicated putter well.

And, yes, I carry 15 clubs.  I'm not competing so I just don't give a damn

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I have a 14 way divider bag, 3-3-4-4 pattern with an external putter well. Clubs always go back to their specific slot, and I keep the middle slot in the 2nd row open as I carry 14. My regular golf partner is the exact opposite of me, and will mess up my bag just to get me going:-D.
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Originally Posted by TourSpoon


Everyone knows that the 7 iron has to go into the space where you took it from and that is with the 8 and 9 iron. It doesn't have to be in order, but it has to go in there.

I have a staff  stand bag so it goes like this.


Top left - Driver, 3w 5wd
Top right - 2h, 3i 7 wd, 4H
mid left - 4, 5H, 6i
mid right - 7, 8, 9i
bottom L - pw, sw, lw gap
bottom R - SW, LW, putter

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(Back of bag)


3 wood, 2 hybrid,  4 hybrid, putter

7,8,9 iron                 5,6iron

gw,pw,                     54*,58*,

(front of bag)

Each group is one of the sections

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I use an Ogio Chamber Bag - this is how it's set up currently.


3W                        6i

7I              3H             8i

9i        4H          5H       PW


GW                      60*


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In my 6 way divider Callaway x hot staff bag


driver, putter                        5 wood, 9 wood

5,6,7 irons                            8,9 irons

Niblick SW, PW                   37* Niblick, AW, 58*


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    • Most of my rounds are at 4,200 ft, at sea level that 3W is probably 15ish yards shorter.  I’m not as long as it sounds, unfortunately.  I would utilize the 3W on more than just 14 tee shots (2nd shot on par 5s, choke down for some 190-230 shots, hit some low punch shots). I’m certainly not saying you’re thinking about anything wrong (as far as your game and selection), I was hung up on the “terrible option” comment.  I really like my driver and hybrid as well, if this were a 6 club challenge I’d swap out the 3W for the driver and hybrid all day.  But alas, we only get 5 clubs.
    • The handicap season is over. You should have told him you can warm your balls with whatever you want 😜
    • On my home course I’d take driver, 3-hybrid, 7-iron, SW, and putter. Driver is debatable, because I only hit it 3-4 times per round, so I could probably bring a 3W and drop 3-hybrid and rearrange the irons/wedges (3W, 5-iron, 8-iron, SW, putter). But driver gives me the best chance to score well on the par-5 holes (longest is 505 yards), and I wouldn’t want to give that up, since these holes are where I make birdie most often. 
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