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How Do You Arrange Clubs in your Bag?


Club Arrangement  

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  1. 1. How do you organize your bag?

    • Put the clubs whereever
    • Put clubs in any open divider
    • Always group certain clubs together
    • Every club has one right location. Just one!

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I always use the same configuration, I don't know but I like that my bag looks organized.

Top Left: Driver, 3 Wood.
Top Right: Putter.
Middle Left: 3, 4, 5 irons.
Middle Right: 6, 7, 8 irons.
Lower Left: 9, PW irons.
Lower Right: 50°, 54°, 58° wedges.

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Top left: Driver
Top right: 3i-5i
Mid left: 6i-8i
Med right: 9i-PW
Bottom left: Putter
Bottom right: 56* and 60* wedges

I'm thinking of regrouping, though. I just got a mid-mallet putter (Taylormade Monza) and it kind of gets hung up on the 6i-8i above it when I try to get it out. Maybe it can move to the upper right. I'll try that tonight.
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I am a little hyper OCD. Not only do my clubs go back into the same well, but they have to be in descending (or I guess ascending) order. My bag has the woode dividers as well. What absolutely drives me crazy are the guys that have the driver and woods in the bottom section of the bag and work it backwards!! I know guys don't like to read instructions, but COME ON. If you don't know how to organize your bag, you are in serious trouble. I read through the entire thread (mind you I did it rather quickly), and didn't see anyone who admits that they organize their bag like that, but what gives? Does anyone here do that, and if so why?!
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I'm not really one of those double type A people, but I use a Sun Mountain MPB that has full length dividers for every club. Every club has a home, and nothing really changes. Driver and 3 wood on top, hybrid-4i-5i in the next row, 6i-7i-8i-9i next, then PW-50-56-60 on the bottom. Putter goes in the separate putter well unless it's raining.

All that said, I've really been jonesing for a lighter bag, so this is all subject to change. :)
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My quandry is something altogather different... I have a bag with 14 holes... I also have a putter tube. My Ping Craz-e G2 loves the tube... he's a bit of a loner and likes the solitude. This leaves an empty space in wedge row. I will NOT carry a ball retreiver... too amatuer. My ubrella has its own holder. I also will NOT carry over 14 clubs... I'm a rule follower. So what should I do with this extra slot.

This looks good to me, I have a precept 10inch bag with 14 sections. Starting top left

driver/5wood/3h,brid space 4/5/6 7/8/9/p,w 52/56/60. Putter goes in outside pocket. This never changes now as before I bought this bag I had a bad habit of selecting & hitting the wrong club by accident Figured this was the only way to fix that.
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Having O.C.D. and being Anal retentive, it is quite simple... as you look at the Titleist tour bag, "your name" facing you on the BIG garment compartment...

Top section (closest to the strap ring) of the bag gets the Driver, 3 wood (long neck head covers), and putter (in a "golf tube" with a piece of broom handle attached to the bottom (inside) of the tube to bring the height of the putter up to 3 Wood length), (with a little rubber ball placed down in the tube to act as a "shock obsorber" when you put the putter back in the tube)....

Middle left section 3 hybrid, 4 and 5 irons... Middle right section 6, 7 and 8 irons

Bottom section 9 iron, pitching wedge, and 52, 56 & 60 degree wedges.

ALL clubs must be in proper DECENDING length from LEFT to RIGHT, AND TOP to BOTTOM... Sorry I can't help it, it's a computer database design "thang"...
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For the most part I keep clubs in a general section of the bag. Driver and 4 wood in the top left, 7 wood, 3 hybrid, or 3 iron(depending on which one I am using that day), and 4 iron top right. 5, 6, 7 irons middle left. 8, 9, P middle right. G, S, L, putter in bottom. I am usually pretty strick with where they go, but not to anal as far as being in a certain order.

Da Mac
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You've just hit a 7-iron off the tee into a stiff breeze on a level, 195-yard par 3. (You are a good ball-striker, by the way

This is a great post that I find highly entertaining! It confirms what I believed already, that most, or at least many, golfers are (on some level) very analytical, organized, structured personalities. Your poll results scream this fact. Well done! BCA
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I have to admit that I myself have a duel personality: C-player on the course, but a D-man when the bag is at the house.

I am the same way. Usually before I even load the bag back into the truck after a round, I've put them back in their intended order.

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I put 'em in the bag like I did when I was a caddy. The idea then was to show the bag to the player so that he could see them all.

That means wedges and short irons in the front, long and mid-irons in the middle, Woods in the back. Nobody cared about their putters back then - no head cover, no special place, dents don't hurt a putt: all of that was sort of "fem" to golfers. Lots of people put the putter in front because it's the shortest. Now that I'm shelling out $150 for a putter, I do hide it from the iron heads.
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Intruiging thread Rover! enjoying it!

I'm a C man but would do D after cleaning clubs/boredom on the course/waiting for slow players ahead etc.

In my main bag:

Top left: Driver, 3wood, Rescue
Top right: Putter
middle left: 3,4,5 irons
middle right: 6,7,8 irons
bottom left: 54, 58
bottom right: 9, W irons

Other bags:

Callaway: standbag, has same dividing system as Ogio - wood/iron system so every club has a place more or less.

TM Tour bag - pretty much free for all, soooo much space!

Ping Moon - only has 3 slots, putter top right, couple of woods top left, everything else in bottom - don't carry more than 8 clubs in this bag (winter and summer evenings)

interesting that not many have voted A and B!
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My Tour Stand Bag has a version of the Kabuki divider system...attached is close to what mine looks like and I show how my clubs are divided...I am very particular about putting them back exactly where they go for two main reasons:
1) At a glance I can make sure I have them all (did not leave one behind)
2) When I want a club I always know right where it is

It is really that simple...

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    • I can send you some club head covers if you like!  😁 They look good. Hope you love them. 
    • Played a local course a buddy runs. Temperature at tee time was 19F.  Hardly any snow on the ground. Previous experience under such conditions has taught me the ball will land and bounce like it hit a concrete parking lot, best off playing a links style run it up game. So the T300s stayed home. Out came the "other" bag with my beloved Yonex ADX tour blades. Threw in a Mizuno Grad 1 iron for tee shots. Brought along one wood, my trusty M6 9 wood just in case I had to go over the wall to get  out of jail. Hit the ball well, knocking down everything shorter than a 6 iron. Got a lot of bad bounces, and a few good ones. Shot 87, which Ill take considering I was wearing Thorogood work boots and could barely feel my hands on the back, Despite winter gloves between shots. I guess I'm getting a little old for this much fun. lol
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    • Thursday and Today were 77-75. One birdie Thursday and two today and some solid play! This is following an opening year round of 85, so I am no longer a danger in harming myself! Today was really some good golf, nothing forced, played windy and rainy, just a solid round. 
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