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How Do You Arrange Clubs in your Bag?


Club Arrangement  

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  1. 1. How do you organize your bag?

    • Put the clubs whereever
    • Put clubs in any open divider
    • Always group certain clubs together
    • Every club has one right location. Just one!

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From one OCD to another, " Glad to meet you. "

Ha ha...that is me too only I don't have as many dividers. Now I'm having divider envy.

Top: 1, 3, 5 woods (naturally the driver in the center with the two shorter ones on either side) Mid Left: 3-6 Mid Right: 7-PW Bottom Left: LW Bottom Middle: Putter Bottom Right: SW The only consistency on the course is my bag and the ball I play (and my inconsistent shots)

In My Grom Bag:

Driver: NVG2 Draw
Woods: NVG2 3 & 5 Woods
Hybrid: Baffler DWS 3Irons: GT Xtreme 4-PWWedges: Vokey Oil Can Spin Milled 56.14Putter: White Hot XG9Balls: NXT, e6+Home Course: Apple Mountain Golf Course http://www.applemountaingolfga.com

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Top - Driver, 4 wood and putter
Middle left - 3, 4, 5 irons
Middle right - 6, 7, 8 irons
Bottom - 9, PW, SW, LW

During a round I just make sure they are in the correct divider. After a round I'll put them in numerical order.

G15 9* w/Aldila Serrano 63S
FT 4 wood w/ Aldila NVS 75S
i15 20* hybrid w/UST Mamiya Avix Core Tour Red 84S
4-PW MP-57 w/ True Temper Dynamic Gold S300 (+0.5")
52, 56 and 60 degree MP-10 Satin w/ True Temper Dynamic Gold Wedge FlexStudio Stock #4, BB25, Fastback 1.5 or Backstryke Blade..... @ 34"P...

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  • 3 weeks later...
Top Left: Driver, 3 wood
Top Right: 2iH, Scotty
Middle Left: 3i - 5i
Middle Right: 6i - 8i
Bottom Left: 9i, PW
Bottom Right: SW, LW

Cannot be out of order or I freak out, but the head covers at the top of the bag are getting ridiculous! I'm always a tiny bit uneasy with that top row, but I can't change it. I must be self-loathing and OCD.
In the bag 8/12/09:
R9 w/ 63g S Fubuki | 909F2 13.5º | 909H 19º | MP-67 w/ Project X 5.5, 3-PW | Spin Milled 52â¢04, 56â¢08, 60â¢04 | BC1, 35" | Tour One | uPro

Hcp: 5.9
Trend: 5.2
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Every once in awhile i try to organze my clubs by Iron. 3,4,5 go togther, 6,7,8 and 9,pw, putter. But then i get lazy and just throw them in any which one. Each of my woods gets a seperate compartment And i never put my irons together with my woods so that the irons dont clank against the shaft and chip it.
In My Bag

Driver: Sasquatch 460 9.5°
3 Wood: Laser 3 Wood 15°
5 Wood: r7 19° (Stiff)Irons: S58 Irons 4-PW Orange DotWedge: Harmonized 60°Wedge: Z TP 54°Putter: Tiffany 34"Balls: Pro V1 Shoes: Adidas Tour 360 IIThe Meadows Golf Coursewww.themeadowsgc.comAge: 16
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Ha ha...that is me too only I don't have as many dividers. Now I'm having divider envy.

I'm glad to see others suffer from divider envy. I though I was being a hypochondriac. I really want a bag with one of the putter slots/tubes. That goofy shape just doesn't fit in well with the rest of my sticks. I organize my wedges in the bottom going highest loft on the left, lowest on the right. With the rest of my irons, I go from lowest loft on the left to highest on the right. My driver is on the top left, then the hybrid, then the 3 wood. The putter usually goes where I feel like it at the time.

Hi-Bore XLS Tour Driver
Steelhead III: 3 Wood
Bobby Jones Jesse Ortiz Hybrid
i3+: 3-9 Irons
Vokey Black Nickel: PW, 52, 56, 60 Bettinardi A-02 Putter NXT Tour

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I belong to the OCD-gang aswell.

Got a new 14-divider bag where I can lock the shaft in place, stopping the clubs hitting eachother. But I have'nt decided which divider should fit which club. Stupid bag that comes without a manual...

But my number one rule is to prevent clubs from hitting another club in the bag.

Driver: Callaway FT-IQ 10° I-Mix 5w: Callaway X Hybrid: 21º Open CT
4-5: Mizuno MP Fli-Hi 6-PW: Alpha C1 Pro
52º, 56º,60º Callaway X-Tour
Putter: Cleveland Classic 4
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I have a 14 club divider bag. I have my driver at the very top. Every iron has it own hole. I put mine in order from driver to sw. Then my putter has it own chamber on the side of the bag. This makes it easier for me to find the club when I need it. I also use numbered head covers.

In my bag.
Driver-Adams 9.5
3 wood-Adams
5 wood- Wilson Head Speed
6-PW-Wilson Head Speed 3-5-Hybrid-Nike SQ2 Clone SW-Tour Edge Soft cast LW-Maxfli Black Max Froged Putter-Crossfire

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i like having my clubs in a specific order.

In my Warbird Bag,
I have
Burner Driver 460cc 9.5* Stiff
Three and Five Woods
Precise- 21* and 24* hybridsCCi Cast Irons-4-AW 52* and 56*/14 Vokey 60*/8and i play TP Black or ProV1

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I always organize my bag and try to keep it about the same during the round.
Usually driver and woods in top left divider, low irons next, mid, etc.

I have a new Taylormade bag with five dividers - I've always wondered if anyone was anal enough to do something about the irons clanking into each other?

In my bag:
- SQ Sumo2 10.5* Driver with stiff shaft
- Rapture 13* 3 Wood
- i3+ Blades
- 52* Gap Wedge- 56* Vokey Sand Wedge- 60* Vokey Lob Wedge- White Hot XG Marxman Mallet with 35" shaft
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  • 3 weeks later...
Its funny that my vehicle is dirty, my garage stays neat for about a month, then chaos pursues, but my golf bag never changes. always clean and organized.

driver, 3 wood, putter (and momentus so i can stretch before round)

3,4,5,6 first slot

7,8,9 next to it

pw, 51,56, 60 bottom slot

in my ping hoofer

Nike SQ 9.5 w/ ProLaunch Red
Titliest 906F2 15
Miura 202 3-5 Irons
Miura Blade 6-PW Irons
Mizuno MP 51 & 56Yes! Tracy IINike One Black

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Since I changed to a bag with 14 slots, I use this configuration:

Top row: Driver, 3W, putter
Next row: 4, 5, 6, 7 irons
Next row: 8, 9, PW, GW
Bottom: 56, 60

All clubs go back in their appointed spot after each shot.
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I have the Datrek Vibe stand bag which has 14 individual dividers placed diagonally from bottom left to top right:

Top Row: Putter
2nd Row (Top to bottom): 4-Hybrid, 3-Hybrid, 3-Wood, Driver
3rd Row (Top to bottom): 9-Iron, 8-Iron, 7-Iron, 6-Iron, 5-Iron
4th Row (Top to bottom): Lob Wedge, Sand Wedge, Gap Wedge, Pitching Wedge

In my Bag:

Driver: TaylorMade r7 460 10.5° Fujikura RE/AX 60 D3 RF Graphite

3-Wood: TaylorMade r7 Ti 15° Fujikura RE/AX 60 D2 RF Graphite

3-Hybrid: Callaway Big Bertha Diablo 21° Callaway H/600 D2 RF Graphite

4-Hybrid: Callaway Big Bertha Diablo 24° Callaway H/600 D2 RF Graphite

5-9: TaylorMade RAC OS2 27° to 42° T-Step D3 RF Steel

PW: TaylorMade RAC OS2 27° to 42° T-Step D4 RF Steel

AW: TaylorMade RAC Satin 50°, 6° Bounce WF Steel

SW: TaylorMade RAC Satin 54°, 10° Bounce WF Steel

LW: TaylorMade RAC Satin 58°, 8° Bounce WF Steel

P: TaylorMade Rossa Daytona1 AGSI®+ 32” Blade

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I have a staff bag so it goes like this.

Top left - Driver, 3w
Top right - 5w, 7w
mid left - 4h, 5i, 6i
mid right - 7i, 8i, 9i
bottom L - pw, sw
bottom R - aw, putter

And yes after every hit they return to the exact same position.

In my XXV Anniversary 10.5 Callaway Staff Bag
Driver FT-i 10°
Woods Big Bertha 3, 5, 7

Hybrid 4 X-Hybrid

Irons X-20 5-SW

Wedge 60° X-Tour

Putter Odyssey White steel Tri-Ball SRT

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My Ogio cart bag has a slot for each club, but not only do they stay in the exact slot every single day, round, etc., but during a round, while strapped into the back of a cart, all of the irons face the same way. I honestly have a slight case of OCD according to my shrink and if you drove by me on the course, you'd see evidence. After each shot, I replace the club and make sure it's facing the right way and make sure that during the trek to that shot that none of the other clubs have gotten out of whack. If so, I shift to ensure they're facing the right way...that is, from my right to left, heel to toe, higher lofted club fitting behind lower lofted club (i.e. 9i toe fitted behind 8i heel, etc.). I usually keep them in my office here and will always make sure they're sitting "as they should". In fact, my Callaway cart towel always has to lay over the bag between the back row and the third row....always.

back row - Driver, open, 4-wood
towel draped over and across bag
third row - open, 3i, 4i, 5i
second row - 6i, 7i, 8i, 9i
front row - pw, sw, lw

Hoofer Vantage Bag Carrying:
DRIVER Fusion FT-3 Driver Proforce V2 65 Graphite Stiff
HYBRID G10 21 Degree
IRONS MX-25 Irons 3 thru PW Precision Rifle Shafts & Golf Pride GripsWEDGES CG10 56 & 60 Degree WedgesPUTTER 2-Ball SRT BALL ProV1xCLUB ...

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my bag has 7 slots.. so i just put 2 clubs in each

in my cart bag
Driver: Hi-Bore XL
Hybrids: Md 1i, 3i, 4i
Irons: Rac OS2 5-PW
Wedges: 52* 56* 60* Putter:

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  • 4 weeks later...
Upper left: Driver, 3-wood
Upper Right: 19* hybrid, 3i
Middle Left: 7i, 8i, 9i
Middle Right: 4i, 5i, 6i
Bottom Left: Putter (she gets her own home)
Bottom right: PW, SW, SW3

Driver: WRX G5 9* Fujikura Speeder 757
3-wood: G2 WRX 14*
Hybrid: G5 19*
Hibore Hybrid 3i 22*
Irons: G5 4-PW Wedges: Tour-W Black Nickel 52/12 & 58/08Putter: Milled NC #5Bag: Bagboy RevolverBall: ProV1XShoes: Adidas Tour 360 II

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I group certain clubs together. I use a ogio stand bag with the woode set up and its really good. I put my 5-9 in one of the top big open slots on the right side of the bag, and my woods and 3-4 iron on the left side. I put my wedges on the very bottom so i have a seperation from the 5-9 which makes them easier for me to grab because I use them the most. My putter goes on the very top in the big open slot where i guess the driver is supposed to go, but I put it there because its easir to take out when I have the bag on my back while walking up to the green to sink that 2 foot birdie putt...


Titleist 909 D2 9.5 Degree Driver| Titleist 906f4 13.5 degree 3-Wood | Titleist 909 17 & 21 degree hybrid | Titleist AP2 irons
Titleist Vokey Wedges - 52 & 58 | Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport 2 Putter | ProV1 Ball
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