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How Do You Arrange Clubs in your Bag?


Club Arrangement  

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  1. 1. How do you organize your bag?

    • Put the clubs whereever
    • Put clubs in any open divider
    • Always group certain clubs together
    • Every club has one right location. Just one!

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My bag has 10 tubes around the outside, with 5 dividers in the middle and a putter slot. (16 clubs? Well, only 13 right now plus room for gadgets )

All the irons/wedges are in the outer ring, in loft order with the 3 wedges and 9-8-7 at the top, as they are the go-to-clubs. Driver and 3 wood in the middle.

Never care about orientation, just same slot each time, and no noisy head bumping. Any difference and I grab the wrong club.

When playing a round with a 4 slot rental bag, I found it to be a real pain with all the extra time trying to find each club. And I never knew if all the clubs were in the bag. ( left 2 wedges on the last hole of the day)

Personally eyeing the new bagboy revolver, if I can get over IMHO the relative lack of storage in the bag.

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I've got a Sun Mountain C-130 which has 14 individual slots plus an external putter well (shhh... nobody tell the R&A;). Each club has it's own place that it always goes to live. That way, not only are they not banging each other around too much, but they also tend not to get left. A 2 second visual inspection tells me instantly which club is missing (aside from the hole in the 10:00 position which is always empty).
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top left- Dr, 3 wood
top right- 2i, 3i, 4i
middle left- 5i, 6i
middle right- 7i, 8i
bottom left- 9i, pw
bottom right 54*, 60*, putter

I know where everything goes, so its easy not to lose a club.
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I have the Bag Boy OXO Stand bag with grip-lok top, so every club has its own slot and once I pick the arrangement, it stays that way, pretty much forever. Three middle holes are in a triangle - driver at the top, 3-wood and 3H in the other two. Bottom-most hole is larger for a putter grip, so that goes there. My three wedges are to the right of the putter: 60, 52, 56. Then, I go to the left of the putter and go round the circle, from PW --> 4I.
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(Response to original question)

I put the clubs in the same spot every time after I hit a shot. My bag has three sections. The woods and putter are on top. 3-8 irons split in the middle, and 9-sw on the bottom section.

I've tried a lot of different configurations but this is what works best.
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I desparately need a new bag...but making do with my worn out one for now.

I've always grouped the woods together.

3,4 & 5 irons together

6,7,8 & 9 irons together

PW, SW, LW & putter together
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Here is how my bag is organized:

1: Lob wedge, sand wedge
2: Gap wedge, pitching wedge
3: 9 iron, 8 iron, 7 iron
4: 6 iron, 5 iron, 4 iron
5: 3 iron, 2 iron/3 wood (depending on which I'm carrying)
6: Driver, putter

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I chose C'

going by above chart of undrparnv

1: 7i, 8i
2: 9i, sw
3: Driver, Putter
4: 3w, 5w (if I carry the 5w)
5: 3i, 4i
6: 5i, 6i
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I've got a 14 way divided bag which has 10 slots around the perimeter and 4 in the center. Irons and putter around the outside, with the 4i at the 10:00, going clockwise to the SW at 6:00. LW at 7:00 when I carry one, otherwise slot left open. Putter at 8:00. Woods in the center slots. Driver has the center top slot, 5w in the left, 7w in the right, bottom center left open.

The only thing I don't like about this is the same problem I've always had, that the shortest clubs get stuck under the longer ones, but the short ones get used more. There are probably bags that fix this for you. Maybe when my current bag dies I'll find one.
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I've got an Grom, and it's great. It's got the Wedge' top which has 8 holes, 4 small ones down the left side, a putter pocket at the top and 3 iron pockets along the right, with little ridges for the shafts to sit in.

In the 4 small ones, I put -- from top to bottom -- Driver, 3wood, hybrid, hybrid.

I only use the top and bottom iron pockets, the top has 5-PW and the bottom has the wedges.. this keeps them from overlapping and the shorter ones being hard to get.

I put my ball retriever in the 'middle' iron pocket, snug up against the woods and the putter in the putter pocket.

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I have a BagBoy NXO Revolver with full-length individual dividers with the Grip-Lok system, so every club has its own home. I never, EVER change the order. OK--maybe when I remove the clubs for cleaning, but even then they go back in the same order. I walk with a push cart, so the setup is excellent for speeding up pace of play. -LBB
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Judging by all the other posts you guys would not even want to look at my bag. Its is truly a free for all it looks something like a soccer riot going on in my bag. And since the dividers dont go all the way down pulling them out is interesting as well.

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