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    • I have two thoughts. First, @DaveP043, the PGA Tour could request from the USGA a Local Rule or a "waiver" or whatever it's called. The USGA might just add it to the Model Local Rules. You can implement a bunch of Local Rules, the "Models" are just the ones you can copy/paste and don't really need "permission" to use. If the PGA Tour bans them I imagine the USGA/R&A might adopt or help them craft the language for a new Model Local Rule. The second thought is this: who cares what they've got written down if you enforce pace of play policies? Green reading charts aren't just used to putt - players use them in the fairways, or on the tees of par threes. Writing a Local Rule against them may be difficult. If the true problem is "slow play" then fix that. If the true problem is "de-skilling" the game, then they may go the Local Rule route. @ncates00, this topic ain't about arm lock putting, and nobody is saying "putting is easy." They're saying "green reading should be a skill" (with no real evidence that players who use green reading books putt any better than those who don't).
    • I’d rather see arm-locking be banned. My reasoning is simple—if the governing bodies are so worried about distance becoming too important and overshadowing other skills, then make putting more difficult. They already banned anchoring to the torso, so just limit putting to the hands, fingers, ands palms—just like any other stroke. Look, I know ballstriking will always be king of SV and SG, but I think banning the armlock would make guys spend more time on it, and maybe it would deter the governing bodies rolling the ball or equipment back (something I don’t want to happen)   As to green books, I’m fine with them, but to @ChetlovesMer’s point, let’s limit slow play by enforcing time limits. 
    • That's why I removed "men's" from the title just now. I was about to post the same thing.
    • Good. As you get the feeling for this, and add speed, it will go longer, so it will take more and more focus to find a way to make the swing the right "length" for you. I know hard this is. But you're talking to the guy who owns the trademark for "Golf is Hard®" so… no pity. 🙂 P.S. Those swings are much better.
    • Best Shot: 525 yard par 5.  2nd shot was 245 playing 255. left is dead. right is dead. long is rough and downhill thick chip. I said I would be okay being a little short.  I flushed a 5 wood and stuck it to 6 feet made eagle and turned at 1 under. Worst Shot: I have trouble with thin sand traps.... I tend to let the rebound of the club slam into the ball.  open face... I hit from 1 bunker over the green to the other bunker.. then back over, I hit it over the fance and across the street into someone's yard. 
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