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    • USO on Peacock now and there's just so much announcing. SHUT UP! And ads. Lots of ads.
    • Yeah and like trendy youngsters, those guys used phrases like "lack of imagination," "it has no soul," "no memorability," "it's all vanilla," "such a waste," and other amorphous sentiments. The only objective factors they pointed to was a) that the course is just really flat (in the literal sense) from the tee through the green and that b) there is only like one dogleg. I suppose those two are fair points. I haven't played it except on TW PGA Tour video games. They also said something like only 20% of the field has a chance--isn't that the case at most majors?
    • So take away the blade into the hazard and you shot 76? I don't care if that's from the Orange or Green tees that differential is either 2.5 or 4 performance.  It sounds to me aside from the one bladed shot, it was a solid round!   
    • You mean that I don't like the taste? Yeah, so? Tried some here locally. Want to see how the authentic stuff tastes.. 😊
    • I play in a 9 hole league on Wednesday with a longtime friend who...is not good. You have to use 2 of each guys drives, and we routinely take his that barely makes the fairway on 1 over mine that is a hundred yards further up because it takes the pressure off him and he plays better...well, this week he was out with injury and a co-worker joined me. I was up front with the league director and my opponents for this week (2-man scramble, match play) that I was bringing a ringer. (Last I checked he was a +1...he varies between scratch and +2)  It became a running joke to the point that on 8 when I sunk a putt, I did a fist pump and said "contribution!" laughing and they said, "yeah that is what...1 drive and 1 putt for you?" cool guys we all had fun.    Anyhow, it was illuminating to me. Hole 1 he had a natural birdie, and it was each shot that made it. His drive was maybe 10 yards longer but also 5 yards more accurate than mine. His approach gave us an 8' birdie putt, mine was on the fringe. I would have parred the hole most likely playing my own ball.  I had teed off first and went with a shorter club for a "safety" shot. After the hole, he kind of looked at me, said "you are good enough to use your driver, especially in a scramble." Lesson: I have grown used to hitting "safe" shots instead of hitting the correct shot. That leaves longer shots to the green which, while within my capability, are harder than if I hit a confident driver off the tee. I need to play with confidence.   Second hole, I thought he knew where the water was but he didn't. I had...lets be generous and call it a suboptimal drive, he rinsed his. We were left with a blind shot over a tree covered hill to a green running 45 degrees, roughly 163 to the center. I thought I had hit a pretty good shot but of course we could not see the result, he goes, we get up to the green...our balls were about 6' apart, both on the green but in likely 2 putt area. And we both did leave it where a 2-putt happened.  Lesson: actually 3-fold. First, course knowledge is very valuable. Had he taken the right line, he was likely on the green. Second, a bad shot doesn't kill the hole. After my skyball drive, we still both parred. 3rd, while not consistently, I am getting to where I can hit a shot that is within shouting distance. I think it was 4 times in the round that our balls came to rest within just a few feet of each other. Hole 3 is downhill par 3 with water behind the green. I hit what I thought was a good shot that I was happy with, landing back edge of green. He was just past the pin and maybe 12' left of it. Both likely 2 putts, but again his was enough better to be worth a half stroke.   Lesson: I did not want to look incompetent and sometimes struggle with my PW, so a 150 yard downhill shot, when I should take the PW, I go long. He hits the correct club. I made great contact and the club went where designed. Hit the correct club. Hit the correct club. Hit the correct club. Goes back to the lesson on hole 1, play with confidence and hit the correct club. I may still be mad at myself about this one.  Hole 4 he again outdrove me but it was a location I can get to length wise...but because of the creek on the right, I tend to miss further left leaving me on the hillside with ball beneath my feet.  However, on this one, the outdrive was because I massively overswung trying to hit as far as he does, lost my tempo and lost a huge amount of distance. He then hit one of his very few bad shots of the day, chunking his wedge. Mine hit the green and the slope carried it off into the fringe. We did get up and down after I chipped it close. Huzzah, contribution! Lesson:  Play my game. Play it with confidence, but play my game. I can't hit it as far as he can. I should not be taking the same club as he is, I should not try to hit his shots. I should hit mine, with confidence.   Hole 5 he stuck it to about 4' and had another natural par. Nothing to see here, it was just awesome watching the gorgeous hole. I guess the lesson is a tautology, good players play good. I occasionally stick it close on a par 3 and generally make the putt. He often sticks it close...   Hole 6, long par 5 to an elevated green. He again outdrove me by 30 yards or so, I am on right side of fairway in the rough on a hill. He is left of fairway. However, on this particular hole, that leaves a narrow shot to the green from where he was and a miss long or right is likely a lost ball, a miss left is in the forest barring a lucky bounce whereas mine had an angle that widened the green. I really wanted to take my shot, left us I think 223 uphill. But I did not want to suggest a longer shot from not the fairway. He actually suggested taking mine because of the angle. I hit my hybrid toward the left side knowing it slants right, actually got into it a bit and ended up on the fringe at the back. I was thrilled with that shot. Because he is better than me, of course he put his on the green leaving us a 20' eagle putt.  both of us came close, he a bit closer, and we birdied the hole.  Lesson: Actually it was one that reinforced something. I was not confident in suggesting we take mine, but the angle and probable outcome of the next shot mattered. Course positioning meant my miss played well and part of that was my initial line. I know anything left of the dead center fairway leaves a tight angle and even centerish is not necessarily fun. Where I am at on my approach shot matters. I need to be more aware of that. I tend to normally start further left on this hole because of how wide the fairway is but knowing I want to come in from the right...better angles have better results.    Hole 7 is another par 5. My drive was again 20 yards shorter than his, we both had really good second shots...but his was pin high, another eagle putt. Using either of ours would have been natural birdie but his was just a little better each time...fun to watch. Hole 8 he just had a titanic drive, I could not compete with. This was another one where both chips gave us about a 6' putt. I called my shot on this one, "I am going to contribute" and drained it at which point the opponents (who were 2 under themselves) made their crack. It was pretty funny.  Hole 9 we all went for it trying to drive the green that is roughly 320 out but also has a slight downhill leading to it. He missed just right going down the hill to a shortsided blind chip that is...Mickelson would enjoy it, nobody else would. This was another time I really ramped up my swing trying to match him and hit a skyball that went nowhere. We had to take mine and from 160ish out, our balls came to rest about 3' apart with his again being slightly better.    We ended up 5 under for 9 which seems good...but better was the lessons I learned. If I play my game instead of trying to hit shots beyond my capability, play with confidence, consider the angles of my misses, don't get out of sorts from a bad shot I can manage the big numbers and have, for me, a good score.  I don't have his length, his wedge accuracy, the ability to hit a draw or cut as needed, so I am not going to be around par. But I can be better than I am without improving my swing, just making better choices. I have only ever broken 80 once and shot even 80 about a week ago...8 strokes better than any other round this year. The raw ability is there, I just need to play smarter. Then I can work on improving around the wedges...put the wedge to 8' instead of 8 yards more consistently, eliminate the mishits...   This seems like one of those things I just needed to think through and type out to lock those lessons in as I have learned many of them before but they didn't stick..but hey what do I know. There is a reason I am a mediocre golfer
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