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    • Why not take them both to a simulator and compare ball speeds on centered contact?
    • Well according to game golf I had 4 drives over 270 (one was downhill).  I flew one drive 230 yards into the wind uphill so I'm gonna say the driver is ok (just not loud).  I think it will def help me with distance over my 12 degree M3 (which I would have to absolutely CRUSH to get over 250 yards with).
    • It's a course I see every year on TV. I like US Opens to be venues you only revisit every few years. "But what about Pebble?" I can accept it easier with Pebble as I find the course more interesting on TV and the Pro-Am is an odd event now for who actually shows up. I love Pebble when the full strength field shows up.  
    • Found this by accident looking at US Open Instagram tweets. Never ordered from here, but I love the food themed headcovers. There are pancakes, tacos, lobsters, avocados (in an Instagram post, not the store right now AFAIK), pumpkin spice lattes, cocktails. There's even a dumpster fire headcover. Also donuts, ice cream, and cat unicorns. I'm leaning towards the pancake one even though I already have a driver headcover. Golf Head Covers | Made in the USA by Cayce – Cayce Golf Unique golf head covers featuring compliment getting, vibrant designs with a durable DURA+ construction that repels water, mildew, and...
    • Day twenty-four, June 18, 2021 played 36 today
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