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    • Day 284: Worked a bit on my priority pieces with a new drill to feel the left leg push back. Then worked on tempo.
    • Ugh. They better keep him away from tall buildings for a few days…
    • Broke 90 today (from the white tees) with an 88.   Most consistent round ever...now to turn the 5's to 4's and the 6's to 5's....
    • Day 40 (05 Aug 21) - Solo round today as the rain had relented.  Course was pretty open as there was only one person ahead and no one behind.  Allowed me to be not rushed as I played 18 at the local course.  A good day with the putter which I did have two putters with me - my old DF992 and the Odyssey White Steel 5.  As I had time, I would set up a second ball once on the green, play out the original ball for the score and then putt the other ball with the other putter from the same distance.  Found I am much more accurate with the White Steel 5, so in the bag it stays.    
    • Second venture into the 80's today - with an 88 (45 front/ 43 back - par 71 course).   Had three double bogies and four pars, with all the rest being bogies.  This was the most consistent round I have played.  The course was wet from about 5" of rain the past few days, with the front night open to carts on fairways and the back cart path only.   This meant low to no roll-out on tee and approach shots.  Played one club longer when possible to have carry cover roll-out.  Putting was best ever with a total of 32 putts.  Course stats are pretty much what I have been having of late.  Biggest takeaway from the day, thinking through the "next" shot made the current shot much easier.  
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