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Asian golf balls are rising

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Asian Golf Balls

Last summer I found a ball which evidently had traveled a great distance to finally find it's final resting place in my home.
It's called Saintnine. It's featured below.


While golf ball manufacturers are stampeding us into lure of branding, it is worth to look around in golf ball market. When I am considering to buy new golf ball, I always consider my wallet size and handicap level. Even though it is hard to avoid the influence of golf ball manufacturers' 1/1 page size image ads in golf magazines (Golf Magazine, Golf Digest or Golf Monthly). Yes, handicap factor is an important issue, since if you do not have handicap below 25, it does not matter what kind of golf ball are using it will not fly farther on. Same idea can be applied to golf clubs as well.

But what is my point?

Although more and more well known (Titleist, Nike Golf, Callaway, TaylorMade etc.) golf brands are made in China or in neighboring countries, but there are some local enterprises that worth to mention.

Here are two from the Far East, Seoul Nassau Golf Ball from South Korea and Vplus from Taiwan. Both of them have a low brand awareness, but they are confirms with USGA and R&A rules. Two simple golf ball brands that fit to the play of beginner and intermediate golf players.

I am really fond of Nassau's business strategy that says: "Seoul Nassau will steadily work to improve our product over time". When can say the same about our golf play, can't we. With defining compelling positioning to our product/brand together with reliable distribution network, these and similar other golf equipment manufacturers can gain markets, not just in Eastern Europe and in emerging markets, but also in UK, Germany, Sweden and other developed golf markets. All this in the face of big golf brands. In premature markets, but also in developed ones, the challenge is to what we accustom prospects.

We still have the option of lake balls/recycled balls. Some people say, the performance of lake balls fall 10-20% after reparation. Hmm. This might be true with those golf balls that suffered something really serious "injury".

Here in my blog I discussed the difficulties of promoting golf. This is not just a question of golf architecture and golf course marketing, how you make your golf course affordable and profitable, but it is applicable to golf equipments as well.

This is why I found fair, the French retailer's  Decathlon offer. They do not want to deter those people who have thin wallet  with expensive golf balls, like Callaway and Titleist. They rather came up with a selection where everybody can find his best choice. As far as I know the cheap category is represented by Inesis.

Today, the golf ball market is worth around $550 million in annual sales, with over 850 million golf balls being manufactured and shipped every year. 500-750 million new golf balls are sold in average annually. Out of this number cca. 240 million new golf balls are sold only is US. North County Times' estimate says that we lose annually 2.5 billion golf balls.

Therefore we cannot be surprised that more and more companies want to jump on the "golf ball wagon".



The Sensational New Saintnine Q 3-piece premium, high performance, coloured golf balls. 

Independent test results Vs PRO V1 are available on home page listed under our products.

There is no need to mark your ball when you play with Saintnine Q, as each ball has a unique ball marking. See box picture showing unique characters. 

This is a first for the golf ball market worldwide and launched at the PGA Golf Show in Orlando USA in 2014.


1. Saintnine Q delivers tremendous distance by applying its high resilient Nd-Br core and HPF middle cover energy.

2. Especially with driver shots, minimizing back-spin rate results in longer distance.

3. 332 dimple pattern enables golfers to retain consistent direction of the ball and stability in flight.

4. Thin and soft cover of the 3-piece Saintnine Q optimizes best control and gives a soft feeling.

5. Optimal 3-piece golf ball for controlled shots for short game.


1. Core: High resilient Nd-Br core delivers further distance.

2. Inner cover: tin and softest inner cover minimizes side spin that prevents slice or hook and optimizes flight stability and direct of the ball.

3. Outer cover: 332-dimple pattern gives you higher ball trajectory easily and stability in flight combined with soft cover

Independent test results against other leading brands, confirms the Saintnine Q 3-piece performance is one of the best.

The model SAINTNINE Q is appropriate for you if you can coped well with the following golf balls:

- Titleist Pro V1
- Srixon Z-Star
- Nike 20XiS
- Nike Tour One
- Callaway HEX Chrome
- Callaway Tour i(s)
- Bridgestone B330 RX & RXS
- TaylorMade Penta TP5
- Wilson Staff FG Tour
- Maxfli U/4 or U/3

Buy Saintnine Q Coloured Tour Golf Balls with confidence. 

Each box contains 1 dozen golf balls. The golf balls are packaged in 4 sleeve boxes containing 3 golf balls in each sleeve.

Attention Customers! 

Free shipping only applies to New Zealand customers. (We also ship to Australia - charge is $18.00 per dozen golf balls. For other countries please refer to our global distributor's page for a supplier near you)

Model: Saint Q 16


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Note: This thread is 1606 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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