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    • Yea I was going to bring these points up. We’ve played a number of rounds together now and while I’ve learned a great deal about course management from you, I’ve also learned that I can’t really emulate your game because the gap in our skill sets can be wide. I don’t think I’m bad at course management, TBH. I know when to go for it and when to be happy to advance the ball. The problem is not hitting the green with my third shot, then pitching on and two-putting for double. And then of course there are times I go to lay up and still hit the ball to Timbuktu…
    • I appreciate the write up @DeadMan. But except for learning some management tips, playing with players like @iacas are pure entertainment for me. You see, they do everything better than me. It would be like me trying to run alongside Usain Bolt and think, ‘ boy..maybe I should get my knees up higher.’ It’s just a different world. 😄
    • I'm mildly annoyed by the ones who need you to watch all of their shots but who won't pay attention to where yours end up. Sometimes they can't — because they're 80 yards away looking for their ball — but sometimes like on the tee they can, and often just don't. I also appreciate the playing partners who point out where your tee goes flying off to. I don't dislike those who don't. It's an LCP type of thing.
    • Day 578 - July 28, 2021 Hit balls after a looooong day of lessons. Including a central time zone mixup. 🙂
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