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What is your favourite shot to play and what shot do you find the hardest to play?

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i love almost any approach shot 140-160 out. if i could some how master this,i'll be constantly in a two putt situation for par,and possibly in for one(bird!).

least favourite, coming out of hard, recently soaked wet but now sunbaked sand. not a fairway bunker,but greenside. impossible to control.
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Natural shot: Is a high draw with all clubs.

Favorite shot: I like a 115 yard shot. I'll take out the PW.. 3 quarter swing with an abreviated follow through, nice low ball flight with some spin.

Least Favorite: Id like to be playing a slight fade with all my clubs, unfortunately with the woods i find it difficult to hit a cut when its needed.
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Tee shot on a short par 3. When I can get a PW or GW in my hand off the tee I feel like there is a great chance to stick it close. I love hitting my gap wedge from just about anywhere form 100 and in.

I hate any lie where the ball is below my feet. I'm 6'8" and tend to pick the ball clean or take very small divots at the most on flat land. Lower the ball and I'm shakey at best. Down hill lies are also tough for me. Combine the two and it's a total nightmare for me.
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I love to putt and feel I can make any putt on the green. I also love to hit a high fade into the green, especially when I am in between clubs I aim left and open my iron face up and hit a high shot near the pin.
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Favorite: Flop shot, this shot just came naturally to me. I can usually hit it really close and the ball just stops dead.

Least Favorite: Any type of draw. As you can see by my handicap I haven't figured this shot out. My natural ball flight is just a slight movement from left to right. Everytime I try to hit a draw I end up pulling the ball way left.
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Actually, I'd like to take back what I said about the hardest shot in golf being fluffy sand. The hardest shot is a tee shot on a par 3. See, I hate all par 3's. Period. On a par 4 or 5, you've got an opportunity to make up for a bad shot. On a par 3, you can take dead aim at the pin, hit a perfect shot, and be shit out of luck if the wind catches it and carries it away, away into trouble.

My scoring average on par 3's, by the way, is 4.23.
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I like lag putting if I am below the hole and less than 8 feet away.

I hate driver because I can't hit it. The club is simply too long. I have no sense of where the clubhead is and whether it is square. I have had my driver cut down to the same length as my 3 iron. Although I can now get ball contact, I get no additional distance so what's the point ?
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fav-the 85 yards and in lob wedge-just love it-the only shot that i feel confidant over
my least favorite is the one where i look up before i hit the ball. lol. and a 200 yarder
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Favorite shot(s):
- 30 or 45 yard pitches with my 56 degree. I spend a great amount of time on my 30,45,60,75,90 yard shots with my 56 & 60. I prefer the 30 or 45 yard shots with my 56 degree which usually means I have some green to work with.
- 105 or 115 yard shots with choked down PW. I spend a lot of time calibrating these two shots as well since I seem to have this shot quite often. Since I practice it a lot, I am very confident with these two distances.

Hardest shot(s) to play:
- Bunker shot that I have to get up quickly without a lot of green to work with.
- Driver that requires right to left (draw) ball flight.
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Note: This thread is 4844 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • That totally makes sense.  I looked at the video at the end of my last lesson, and it was less flippy.  I need to work that.  In the lesson my instructor got me to "6" (though he did not use that terminology), then grabbed my club and pulled my body around with my hands not moving, to get the feel.  It totally makes sense to me, my body is just resisting my orders!  I do know that I am getting better at turning through on my shorter shots, they have been crisper, and more consistent.  I had gotten so used to timing up my hands, that it is still feeling odd to keeps them out of it.  And me head still tells me that they should be providing power, though the evidence of every actual golfer would suggest, no so much!  Over the past couple of weeks I have been hitting fewer fatties, which suggests to me that I am getting there, incrementally. Sunday I had 155 to a hole, but it was near the back of the green and I didn't want to be long, so I went down to an eight, and it rolled about ten feet off the back.  Thank goodness I didn't hit the seven I pulled first!  I did chip up and make the par, though. 
    • You can practice getting forward shaft lean at impact by starting with chips and rehearsing slowly. Use short swings and try to keep the hands in front of the shaft through impact. Then move up to longer swings. This is what Day 5 is about.
    • There's a note at the top of the "My Team" page now.  Confused me at first too.  
    • Day 106 (22 Apr 21) - 3/4 swings with the 50 and 54 wedges w/real golf balls in the back yard (and the neighbors).  Focused on engaging the bounce of the club and not flipping the club.  Worked on getting the balls to land and stop w/in 5 yard circle.  For the 50 this swing is about 50yds and for the 54 it hovers in the 30yd area.  Love it when you can pick all the balls within that diameter circle.  Followed it with some pitches of about 10yds keeping the head down and focused on the ball.  Could see the shadows of the club and ball out of the corner of my eye....that was somewhat disconcerting as I would think "Oh no....its off to sliceville." Then to look up and see it land right at my target.  Really forced me to keep the head in place through impact as it forced me to "trust the shot"......
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