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What is your favourite shot to play and what shot do you find the hardest to play?

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In my opinion, I love hitting flop shots. I only learnt how to do them recently but it has come natural to me and I just enjoy the feel of hitting a high, softly landing shot.

My favorite part of golf is pitching and chipping. I'm not bad an getting up and down is really satisfying. If anyone can tell me how to hit a high draw with a 3-wood instead of a duck hook...
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On one of my more often played courses, the 18th is very tightly lined by trees and bends left (362 yards). If I am hitting my driver well I pull it out and try to hammer a 15-20 yard draw. If I pull it off I'll have 50-60 yards or less into a large green that slopes back to front (very receptive).

least favorite... 50 yard bunker shot.
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i like all shots equally. i might grade them on how challenging they are though.

i like the challenge of a "difficult" shot - 60 yard bunker, fried egg, off hard ground, high draw or fade around a tree, nasty little 5-footer, punch 4 iron 150 yards under trees!

if you don't like a shot before you get to the ball - chances are you won't like it standing over the ball. Get rid of the negativity. Practice the shot. It might save you a shot a round. That's a lot of doubles becoming singles!
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Least Favorite: ANYTHING off the tee. Almost all mental because it doesn't matter if I pull a sandwedge to hit from the tee. Zero confidence from the tee right now.

Most favorite: My 56 degree from 85 yards. Seems to hunt the pin.
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favourite gotta be drive needing big carry over anything (i only remember the good ones!)

check out kingsacre golf course just outside edinburgh its great it has a par 5 where you can LAND drive on the green

worst shot is the short downhill downwind putt that breaks away from me - THEY AGE YOU

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Favorite: all versions of knockdown shots. I love hitting, say, a 110 yard shot with an 8 iron or 7 iron, making only a 1/2 pitch-type swing.

Least favorite/toughest for me: long bunker shots. Fairway bunkers are ok if it's wet/firm sand, but other than that, I hate 'em all. Can't practice these shots anywhere.
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My favorite shot to play (in the sense that this is the shot i try to set myself up with the most often) has got to be a PW approach shot. I hit my PW about 135yards and have pretty good aim with this club. My most satisfying shot to play (when I hit it well) is a baby draw with my 3 iron. My least favorite shot to play is a long green side bunker shot, especially if the bunker is very deep and below a raised green.
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My favorite shot to play is just about anything from 165 in. Thats basically my 8 iron thru LW. Seem to keep control of ball flight and spin.
My least favorite shot is my 3 and 4 iron. Doesn't matter if I'm in the fairway or the rough, can not seem to make solid contact. Most of the time I completely chunk it and it might roll 70 yards. This is my biggest problem and one of the main reasons my score gets high.
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favorite is around 100-110, a nice flush 52* feels great to me

least favorite has to be trying to hit the green with a 3. so around 200 or so .

in terms of actual shot shots... favorite = high draw .. least is punch fades/draws (i really need to work on those because i end up fading most of them but i can't always fade when i want to )
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Favorite: 10 years ago, I never would've believed it, but driver on any hole that demands accuracy from the tee. 460cc heads made those shots a lot more fun.

Least Favorite: any type of short game pitch off a tight lie.

Losing spine angle is fault #1 in my game; when it happens on a pitch I either hit the ball 4 feet (now I have the pitch shot again!) or I blade it across the green.

It's almost to the point of having the yips - I'll be good in practice, I might even hit a number of good ones on the course, and then I'll get over one and it's as if I black out the second the club starts back.

I'm going to overcome it. Until I do, though, I'll be playing a lot of hybrid bumps when that option's available.
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Note: This thread is 4941 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Day 27: Continued to practice pitching and chipping technique with COVID-19 drills. Then more work on downswing priority piece. 
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