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Best Shot of the Week

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Downhill lie in the rough (half the ball showing) slightly below my feet 180 yards to the green. Hit my seven iron, which I hit 165, as I knew it would come out like a five iron. Out comes a low, hot, knuckler and hits in front of the false front and scoots up to 15 feet of the pin. Just liked I planned. You gotta love when that happens. Shot 42-38 from the back tees.
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Made a hole in one yesterday! 9 iron from about 160. I basically flew it in the cup. The ballmark destroyed the side of the hole. We saw it bounce from the tee and disappear, so I'm not 100% sure how

Kind of cold wet day, hole 17, 195 yards, hybrid, one bounce, ace 

116 yard par 3. Wedge. Lands two feet right of the hole, takes one hop left and . . . It's in the hole!! Bedlam on the tee box!!  

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nothing too flashy. been trying to shorten the swing a little for those 60-100 yard shots. had about 90 yards to the green on a short par 4, took my sandwedge and hit a very crist shot with a little lower trajectory. Took on bounce a stopped about 7-8 feet from the hole. made the putt for birdie.
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Short downhill Par 5, (525 yards). Perfect drive left me with 215 to the hole. 4i which got lucky and ended up 25' from the hole. Woeful 2-putt birdie.

Or it could be my 58* from 75 yards to inside 4', which I drained the birdie.

It's debatable.
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More like two different best shots, my first two pars on this course. I had a horrid front nine, but on 13 and 14 I parred, after knocking it on the edge of the green both times. I only 3-putt once the entire time, 2-putting the entire back nine.
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I was 110 yards away from the a back left pin. I was in rough behind three trees. I hit the ball over the second tree with a nice little draw. I ran out to see the ball stop dead 2 feet from the pin.
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best shot was a 5 wood off the fairway on a par 5 about 245 yards put it 10 feet from the hole for an eagle chance..

should add my best shot was followed by my worst shot... missing the 10 foot put and settling for birdie
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Had a tough sand shot today, downhill lie across 20 feet of trap to a pin 4 steps off the fringe. One hopped it in. I'm not a great sand player so it was a pleasant surprise.
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Funny old round today, some greatness and a lot of mediocrity. This isn't so much Best shot of the week, rather 11 shots that all fell into place. Standing on the 16th tee, I knew I needed to finish with a couple of pars and a birdie to get down to single figures for the first time ever. Scored my par on the Par 5 16th with a regulation two putt,; hit a beautiful wedge to 3 feet and sunk the birdie putt on 17 and then dumped my drive on 18 (Hardest hole on the course playing into the wind today with pin back left) in the fairway bunker, managed to just get it out leaving myself with a full 9 iron. Hit it beautifully leaving myself 12 feet. It ended up being pretty straight but I thought I'd left it short, thankfully it kept rolling and in for a par. It wasn't the best shot of the day (The wedge to 3 feet was pretty awesome) but it was a real pressure shot after I'd stuffed up the last two weeks when I also had the chance to get to single. So there you go, my handicap is down to 9.48 and next week I'll be off single figures for the first time ever.
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with the wind at our back yesterday on a 325yd par 4 I decided to go for it( i always do and im usually to one side or the other of the green) Put one up in the wind straight at the pin. It flew to the edge of the approach and rolled about 15-20 feet leaving it about 4 feet short. Hit my put for eagle.

Before you say that i cut a corner to get there i didnt, straight hole with a cliff all down the right side. And i normally carry the ball 280-290 with no wind.
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I'm new here...
played 18 holes the other day for a Juniour Qualifier.
First hole,
knocked a gap wedge from the rough to 3 feet for a first hole birdie.
Sadly, I ended up with a 95 on my card with 2 9s?
Anyways, that was my shot of my week
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Par 5 514 Yards, got just off the green in two hits for an eagle chance. Bombed it with my driver and my 3 iron :), sadly I screwed up the rest of the hole haha but it was great feeling to go for it and to be in a chance to get eagles/birdies.
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It was today on the 17th hole while playing a match. I was one down and had 161 yards to the flag into a stiff side/headwind. It was also over the trees on a dogleg. I lined up my 6 iron for the left edge of the green (I could see through the trees) and hit it perfectly. The wind brought the ball to the right about 10 yards and left me with a 3 foot sidehill putt for birdie, which I sank. I then went on to win the 18th hole and the match.
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I teed off with a 3 wood on a short par 4. I saw the ball hit a hillside just short of the green and hop back toward the center of the fairway. I thought I was going to be spitting distance off the green when I got up to my ball. Instead, I was on the green sitting about 20 feet from the hole looking at my first ever eagle try.

I left the putt about 4 feet short, but I still was delighted to have the try anyway. If I keep improving the way I have been, it certainly won't be the last time.

Jack Lee
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Played TPC Sawgrass Stadium course yesterday. On 17, the island green, hit from where the pros tee off, 135 yards, hit an 8 iron and got on in the first shot, just 2 feet from going off the back edge. I putted to within 4 feet and made a par.

What a great feeling !!!
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    • Has anyone successfully got a round off of a GG Live system via computer in the past few days?  I'm wondering if Wednesday's failure was related to some sites disappearing briefly from the internet (although I was able to access the GG site).   Right now, mine is just recharging so I can use it on Sunday.  Would be nice to get the stats for today.
    • Day 149.  I played 18 today with two friends.  A very narrow course (the "Babe" course in Industry Hills), I had three lost balls that I don't think would have left the playing area if I had hit them at my home course.   I should have lost a fourth but sadly found it (my recovery was sufficiently difficult, and I tried playing high percentage shots, too, that I hit my fourth from closer to the tee than my provisional landed).  I still shot a 93 and hit many greens with full swings, even if they weren't all for in-regulation (but I still had 6 GIR).   Note to self:  play narrow courses a bit more, and get better at these tee shots. Also I feel I putted well but I'm not going to gamble trying to get the stats off the GG.
    • That's Ok, but not a very ambitious goal at all. It should be pretty straightforward to get within 10%. 30 ft is a typical distance for a first putt (even for the pros), and you should hardly ever 3-putt those, so the key is to be within 3 ft (or 10%). Put it another way, when you have a cross-country (or cross green) putt of 90 ft, a decent result is to be around 6ft, or 9ft if you want, so 10%.  20% puts you. way too far out. To the OP, I was the worst putter in the world when I started. It took me almost 4 years of playing 9 holes after work on Fridays to get my first par, because I was on very few greens (1 or maybe 2 at most per 9), but because I was 3-putting from everywhere. I fixed this by practicing dialing in the speed correctly. And that also means hitting the ball reliably with the center of the face. Then hone yours skills on reading greens, but the most important part remains controlling the speed. FWIW, some 15 years after I made that first par, putting is the strength of my game and I only 3-putt about 2% of the holes according to my stats (in GolfPad), or about 1 hole every 3 rounds, on average.  You too can do it: it's much easier than drastically improving one's long game!
    • What constitutes slow play for me is when I'm on a hot course and not playing so well, and the group in front will never be invited to play speed golf in the Olympics.  My mind begins to wander to a beach, a cold gin & tonic and my shady side patio.
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