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Best Shot of the Week


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Played in a scramble and won. Last hole, par 5, and we had about 230 to the hole with a blind shot. Faded a 3 wood and hit is flush. We all got in the carts and went up to the green and the ball was 3 feet from the cup.. What a way to end the day..
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Played in our monthly club tournament at Pecan Valley here in San Antonio. Get to the 16th(closest to the pin hole for the back 9) 232 par 3 with the pin back right with a bunker fronting the right front of the green. 240 to the hole absolutely nuked a high 4 iron with about a 5 yard cut, lands just long of middle of the green and releases back to 3 feet short of the hole. Absolutely flushed and wouldn't be able to reproduce the shot with a bucket of balls.
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par 4 off the tee. hole was a dogleg left with a thin line of trees and a lake to the left. Tried to play a fade with my driver instead of using my hybrid or a 4 iron and clipped a branch on the tree. The ball ricocheted directly down, bounced off the cement cart path, went right back into the tree, got caught up in the tree, then fell in the water. not bad

My gear:
warbird stand bag
909 D2 Driver 9.5 deg
2008 baffler pro hybrid 18, 20 deg
3-PW X-20 Tour Irons 56, 60 degree vokey wedge spin milled crimson series 660 putter pro v1 balls

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I hit a 4 iron fade off the tee on a 178 yard par 3 with a tree guarding the pin on the right side and hit a good fade and got it to 2 inches or so for the easiest birdie ever.

Whats in my Nike Xtreme Stand Bag:
Driver-Nike SQ SUMO 5000 10.5* w/ SQ Diamana R Flex
Fairway-Nike SQ DYMO 19*w/ UST Wide Body R Flex
Irons- Nike SQ SUMO 4-P w/ True Temper SpeedStep SuperLite R flex
Wedges- Adams Golf Tom Watson Classic Grind 52.08, 56.12, 60.08 w/ Adams Golf TW Wdg FlexPutter-...

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The drive from tee had a bit to much draw in it and ended up in the semi-rough about 175 yards away from green. I had a pretty big tree in the way as well. I picked up my Mizuno mp-58 6 iron that I had borrowed from my local store to try out. The shot had the most wonderful ball-hit and went way over the tree and after that I lost sight of the ball because of the tree. My friend said "This one is going in the hole" and I just laughed at him, since I knew that it was way to the left on the green and the pin was in the middle of the green. But when I picked up my bag and started walking towards the green I saw my ball rolling towards the hole, and stopping 2-3 feet away from the hole. I just stood there gasping.

I missed the but afterwards but I were VERY happy with the approach from 175 yards!!

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I made back-to-back birdies on three different occasions this week.

driver: FT-i tlcg 9.5˚ (Matrix Ozik XCONN Stiff)
4 wood: G10 (ProLaunch Red FW stiff)
3 -PW: :Titleist: 695 mb (Rifle flighted 6.0)
wedges:, 52˚, 56˚, 60˚
putter: Studio Select Newport 1.5

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Two identical shots on two par 5 holes today... both from 255 out. Put them both on the front fringe with a nice little draw. I 2-putted for Birdie on both holes.

This is the first day I included the 16° Adams Tight Lies in the bag. Let's just say it will never be removed.

Even par through 9 is my best.  I don't even want to think about what was my worst.

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Hole 12, 316 yard par 4 with a hard dog leg left. There's a huge oak tree on left during approach shot so the play is to right side of fairway. Hit 3h a bit too far right, hit tree at end of fairway and it bounced back into the fairway. Had 137 left to middle, pin directly in back of bunker. Also had the oak tree to play with so had to make sure to stay right of it. Hit a beautiful 9 iron draw, avoided the tree, over the bunker and had 9 feet left for birdie. Promptly missed the putt - I hated my flat stick today.

Callaway Org14 Sport w/ Clicgear Cart:

Callaway X 460 9* - Callaway X 15* - TaylorMade 19*/21* Hybrid - Callaway Diablo Forged 4-PW - Titleist 50/56/60 - Rife Cayman Brac - Bridgestone xFIXx/B330-RX - TRUE Linkswear Supporter!

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Hit a terrible 5iron on the 172meter par 3 hole on my homecourse, leaving it 25 meter left of the green. Strolled down to the ball, took out my 60' and pitched in for a birdie. Larry Mize would approve!

The following sticks of wonder are found in the orange bag of carrying
Driver : R9 460 9.5 Regular
Rescue : Halo 2i Regular
Irons : X20 tour 3-p Project X 5.0
Wedges : Vokey 52, XFT 56, 60Putter : VP 109

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best shot I've made is a sweet fade from the tee box on a par 3 course, landing a foot from the pin.

in my bag
cheap 9.5 driver
Altron irons
wedgescheap putter balls

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This was just at the driving range, and it happened multiple times, but it was life altering for me. I have only been playing for a few months, but I have finally rid of my slice! I have always had to account for it while using my driver. I am happy to say that it is gone for good, and I am hitting 250+ every drive.
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Is this about "good" shots, or do crappy mishit shots that end up ok work too? I completely mishit a 3 wood trying to get across a huge water hazard. Instead of getting up and clearing the water, this ball went completely paralell to the water about 4 feet up. I just about stopped watching as it hit the water, then hit the water again, then again...
The thing skipped 4 times before hitting the far bank and rolling up a slight incline for another 20 yards and back onto the fairway. So satisfying. Haha.

In my Stratus bag:
Driver DymoSQ 10.5*
3 Wood DymoSQ 13*
3H Burner High Launch 19*
Irons Tour SpecialWedge Classic Grind 56*Putter Dual Force 668Balls Burner

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I was behind a tree on the 6th hole, and I mean directly behind it, about 100 yards away from the hole. I took out my 8I and shot right through the tree. The ball landed 8 feet from the hole. Two-putted for par.

Driver: :cobra: BiO Cell (10.5º)

Wood: :ping: G15 3 (15.5°)

Hybrids: :callaway: Diablo Edge: 3 (21º), 4 (24º)

Irons: :callaway: Diablo Edge: 5-PW

Wedges: :cleveland:588 RTX CB 50º, Paradise Black Chrome II Sand Wedge 56º

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Playing the first hole of the day for me (par 4), I somehow managed to get right next to the green in two shots. I proceeded to chip my ball over the cusp of the green and watched in fascination as the ball rolled steadily down and into the cup for my first ever birdie!
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Thinned a screamer out of the greenside bunker. Hit the top of the flagstick and dropped down dead about a foot from the hole. Made the par and walked away whistling!


"In the process of trial and error, our failed attempts are meant to destroy arrogance and provoke humility." -- Master Jin Kwon

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Best lucky shot of the week!! 4h from 185 into a green fronted by 100 yards of water. I mishit it approximately 170 watched it hit the water and barely bounce up onto the green.

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