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Best Shot of the Week


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#14 362 yard par 4. Straight hole, nothing crazy. Absolutely ripped my drive, 270 according to GPS. Pin was middle left, went with a 60* and kind of hung it out to the right but it hit the fringe and spun left for a GIR. Sunk the birdie putt from 20 feet out with a down slope to the left. Read it perfectly. I knew right then I would break 90 today :)
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best shot of the week? lets see.

the hole is a giant dog leg left, which you kinda start at the bottom of a hill, hit up a slight hill, take a full 90 almost and the greens down the other hill (the green is elevated though)

i start the whole shanking the ball into the woods on the left, forcing myself to have to hit back out to the right (just trying to get to the top of the hill to have to be able to have a slight shot at the green) so i hit it out and get it to the top of the hill, about 190ish out. problem is, i'm behind a somewhat small evergreen (about 15 yards behind) i decided to be a little ballsy and go for it, i hit a 5 iron, tip the top of the tree, hit the fringe and roll up to about 6 feet from the pin (tough pin location far right side when the hole is kind of a pea shaped, and in front of the hole it drops off into pretty tough rough)

unfortunately, i'm a bit amped up and 2 putt for bogey. but i guess that doesn't take away from the shot!

some like to call it luck, i like to call it...well, luck!
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Lobbed a 60 yard pitching wedge over a small tree to within 4 feet of the hole, from a wayward 6iron approach shot to the 8th green at my local, what makes it even better is my mate actually saw it. Whooped his butt, he never recovered.
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6 iron with effortless swing the ball accelerated off the club face like no other iron shot I've hit before. Pin high slightly right save par.

I am trying a new set up with my rear shoulder slightly lower while tucking in my right elbow closer to my body. It help me release the club with more club head, I found that I tend to draw the ball or hit it fat so I need to practice the shot more at the range.

My swing feel more natural and I have gain distance because of the increase in club head speed on my driver, fairway 15 degree wood and irons.
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I play a draw/nasty hook and I was pushed up against some tree's on my right, no shot for a hooker like me, but I saw an opening if I could get my 6 iron in that hole and it draws I'm out of trouble,.. I did it, but my short game faltered... but I loved that shot!
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At Shadowmoss Plantation # 13: +/- 155 out, hit a 6 iron from the left of the fairway, landed and stuck within 6 in. of the cup. Ended up with a birdie. Normally I would use a 7 from that distance, but the conditions were really soggy. Worked out well.
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Shaped a 4 iron on a par 5 211 yards with a draw around the corner to 5 feet of the flagstick. Probably couldn't do it again like that if I tried 20 times. Sad part is, this was my 3rd shot as I flubbed my driver and had to lay up with my second shot. Sadder part is, even though I got to the green in 3 I still 2-putted for par.
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Hole 7 par 4, 290 dogleg right with water right in front of the green. It's about 240 yards straight to the hole from the tee. Pulled out a driver because I wasn't playing too well and needed a good birdie (perfect fade driver distance). Hit it to 8 ft from the tee. Made the eagle putt. Felt good.
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I played a few holes with only 2 clubs today. (hybrid and a old 5i blade)

I ended up in a greenside bunker and I tried to hit the ball out with the 5i, on the first attempt I hit the lip of the bunker and it came back to my feet. The second time I managed to get under it and the ball ended up only a couple of inches from the hole. Doubt i could do it again even if i tried it a dozen more times.
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17th hole, 126 yard par 3; slight downhill, island green.

Take out my 9 iron (right around my 130 club); ball is tracking to the pin the whole way. Ends up landing 2 feet from the pin, and rolled back ~7 feet. Best aimed shot of my life pretty much.
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10th hole (160 yards) at my local Par 3 course. I'm about 110 yards away, I take out my 9I and decided to punch the ball, just for fun. Ended up landing it about 10 feet away from the hole. Plus a quick 10 foot put for par doesn't hurt.
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Let me start by saying I am a hack so when I make a decent shot I am pretty happy about it. I have two the first was my second shot on a par 4 175 out from an uphill lie (about a foot higher than my feet) I took out my trusty 24* hybrid and had that what happens happens attitude and hit it to the left of the green into a bunker. Oh yeah it was dark and the lights just came on so I had no idea where it went. Then I blasted it out of the sand to within about a foot of the cup. I shot 4 on the hole that I have to hit out of the other fairway all but two times I have played it. I was happy just in time to fall apart on 18.

Shot a 96 but I am having fun and I didn't hit any balls out of my fairway so i was having a good day.

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last weekend, jumped on a 2 par hole and hit a perfect 7 iron distance then a perfect putt, sunk it in 2 shots.
I believe it was about 150 yards total for the hole and over water.

best golf swing i've ever had, i've only recently taken golf more seriously.
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18th hole, 375 yard par four, dog legs left 90 degrees about 350 out. Wind was stiff behind us so I teed the ball up a lil more than normal. Swung really hard and sometimes when I do I dip down. So I took a divot and the ball when about a mile up but still in the middle of the fairway. I was 228 out, had to carry the water and waste bunker that lines the left side of the fairway. Then theres a bunker on the left side of the green, left of that bunker is a steel hill down to the water. I hit my 4 iron for the first time in awhile and it bounced in the rough just right of the greenside bunker, kicked left and lipped out, stopped 2 inches behind the hole. The course is super dry and fast, we have had hardly any rain the past month and heat index over 100 for 3 weeks straight. So i was planning on rolling it up the entire time just not planning on hitting the rough. It is nice being able to think a shot like that through then going and making it happen. Would have been nice to watch it disappear though!
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    • Day 13 Full swing iron practice with a 6i, 8i and GW.
    • Obviously, if a person made 100% of them on perfect greens, then on substandard greens they would miss putts. So, it would never benefit them.  Let's say a golfer makes 50% of putts on perfect greens, and on bad greens 50% of putts made were deflected away, and 50% of putts missed were deflected in, then their made % would not change.  I don't know we could assume that the green would cause 50% of the putts to miss for the golfer who made 100% on perfect greens, but it would cause a certain % of their putts to miss.  I would say that it hurts the better putters more and maybe doesn't effect bad putters as much. A horrible putter it may never help 😛. If you're not even close for a deflection. 
    • Day 204.  Several times during football Sunday, I took 5-10 minute breaks to hit a few practice balls.  As always, the focus was on the slow correct swings.  I think several small sessions might be better for me than one extended long session:  I don't always have good discipline as I go past the 15 minute mark, and sometimes I catch myself raking in a ball and hitting it right away;  by contrast, when I consciously start a short session, I'm going to at least set in with what I set to do. 
    • (Written without reading anyone else's replies) I voted the difference would increase.  Here's my line of thinking.  The good putter would have been in or close on the ideal surface;  so while the bumps can keep some out, it can also push some that were going to be close into the cup.  Luck at least has a chance to be at least as beneficial as it is hurtful.  By contrast, the poor putters can't really benefit much from luck -- sure, it might cause a ball to finish closer to the cup, but they aren't missing by two bumps instead of one.
    • I voted narrowed.  I took 2 extremes (unicorns); player A, a perfect player who never misses a putt on a perfectly smooth putting surface and player B who never makes a putt on a perfectly smooth putting surface.  Add bumpiness to the green in a way that randomly affects the result of the putt and player A can only get a worse result (missed putts) and player B only a better result (made putts).   Thus narrowing the gap.
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