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Best Shot of the Week


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I just got my irons bent 1* flat. I always knew my swing was a little flat for standard lies. It seems I was right.

On the first four holes, I seemed to be hitting my irons a bit more solidly. A 3-iron layup on the par 5 2nd hole never strayed from it's intended line. A punch 8-iron on 3 creeped up to the front of the hole. My 7-iron on the par 3 4th covered the flag the whole way, but was one club too much.

And then on the long par 4 5th hole I had a 195 yard approach into a "1-club" wind. I striped a five-iron. It never waivered from the flag. One bounce, it hit the pin. Three feet for birdie.

Best shot of the week.

I made the putt.
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  • Administrator
I have two. In the third round of the Newport Cup, on the sixth hole, I faced an uphill 70-yard bunker shot to a 320-yard par 4. I was in the flat, middle part of the bunker and I chose a pitching wedge and took about a 3/4 swing at it. I nipped the ball and then the sand, the ball flew low and true, landed two feet past and right of the pin, took a small hop, and sucked back to inside of two feet. My partner and I went on to win the match 1up.

On the last day, in singles (which I lost), I reached the uphill 500-yard par-5 18th in two after adjusting my alignment on the tee. The 3-wood I hit into that green was one of the best I've ever hit. The drive was straight (and not too shabby on distance).
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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

Last Saturday,
Par 4 5th hole. Really short par 4 should almost be a par 3.
Put my drive into the centre of the fairway.
2nd shot, 5 iron punched, really windy day, put it to about 8 feet, then sunk the putt for a nice birdie.
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My best shot was when I went to the golf course today for the very first time (after about a couple of months of lessons at the range).

I was on a par 5 hole and chipped the boll into the holl for a birdie, I thought that was a fluke but when I got to the final ninth hole the tee was about 5meters from a lake (I looked up to the heavens for help). I took out a 24 degree wood and wacked the ball straight and bloody high, setting me up nicely for a par.

My putting needs work though (too much time on the range).
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Last month.... Day??? Some time last month!

Par 4 (470) ...Dog leg left. (tree lined)

My drive end up on the left side of the fairway...well I should say ROUGH...hugging the tree line , just before the left turn bend. (185 to green)

Smart shot would have been a chip to center of fair way....but NO.. I get cute.

Out comes the 7 iron, with a large draw in mind!...By god...did it not go in the hole!


(I believe my eyes were shut however!)

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well i have two

Yesterday, while playing a plantations junior tour tournament at the rail (hosts lpga state farm classic) on the 16th, 150 yard par 3, bunkers left and water right. If you miss right, it automatically rolls into the water. Pins on the front, and i stick a pw to 3 ft and make the birdie putt

a few weeks ago, at the 5th of my home course, 165 yard par 3 all over a valley, i hit a 5 iron considering it was 40 degrees and i couldnt even feel my hands. I stuck it to a foot and a half, and not thinking it was possible, missed my birdie putt. All my friends chickened out and went in after that hole due to the temperature
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It wasn't within the last week, but it was one of the best shots I've had in my brief golf career.

I was up in Wisconsin with my girlfriend visiting her folks. Her dad played a few rounds with us (she's just started picking the game up) and we were walking 18. I think it was the 17th hole and I placed my drive on the right side just off the fairway and about 165 yards to a very elevated green. Not that big of a deal really, right? Well, there was a bank of trees directly in front of me that stretched the length of the fairway. There was also a large group of trees to the front and right of the green along the upslope. My goal was to just curve the ball around the trees and drop it in front of the green and take my chance at par. I hit the draw, but the wind held the ball up and actually pushed it into the large group of trees on the slope. Now to the shot...

Instead of taking a drop, the testosterone got the better of me and I had to prop myself up against a tree to keep from sliding down the slope. I took a 5 iron and tried to punch the ball through a small opening in the hopes that I could at least just get out of the trees. I hit the ball and it missed every branch and flew out of the trees and out of my sight. I somehow climb out of the trees and up the slope only to see my ball sitting 10 feet from the hole on the green. I asked the two of them if they had put my ball there and they proceeded to explain how the ball managed to end up sitting in its place. It's probably one of the best pars I've ever made. And, most importantly, her dad was impressed. That, coupled with some of the best golf I've ever played, broke the ice.

As an added bonus, I had a 5 foot putt on 18 to beat her dad. Talk about a pressure putt!
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A rope hook punch 3-iron from 185 rolled up to 4 feet for birdie after the worst duck hook crappy drive in the history of mankind. The 3-iron had to hook 30 yards. My wife is still giving me junk because I missed the putt.

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This previous Wednesday, I was involved in a little friendly money game at my home course. By Money I mean $6!! Anyway, very first hole, perfect drive, 71 yards to the hole. Nice eaasy 56* wedge, slam dunk. right in the hole. No mark on the green, or the edge of the cup. Just a perfect 71.00 yard shot. surprised the s*&t; out of my playing competitors, and me for that matter!


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This wasn't one of my shots, unfortunately. I was out with my girlfriend on Friday playing at one of the clubs here in town as a guest of a member. She's been playing all of 4 months and is slowly improving with every round. She had been struggling to hit the ball for most of the round and we made a small change that started to help. She was about 50 yards or so from the hole and used her sand wedge. She's always had trouble hitting down and through the ball and most of her shots don't have much height to them. But, this one did. It came off the club high and soft, landed on the green, checked up, and eased to 6 inches from the hole. She was excited, I was excited, and the guys we were playing with were excited for her. That was definately her "comeback" shot and now she can't wait to go play another round.
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I've been reading this thread for a while now, but haven't had anything to contribute until now.

First one was from the rough after a long but not straight drive on a 350-ish Par 4. I wound up with a good lie but behind a pine tree I had no hope of getting over. I set up for a draw (which I can't usually pull off) with my 5-iron and sure enough pulled it right of the tree and back online right to the front of the green for an easy two-putt.

The 2nd one yesterday was on a short (250-ish) Par 4. My drive went about 200, but was in heavy, brown rough right along a water hazard. I had a lousy lie, right foot about 8" below the left and about 50 yards to the green with the pin in about 20' or so. I must have taken 10 practice swings until I felt the shot, stepped in and hit to within about 4 feet. Made the putt for birdie, my first on a Par 4.
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Made the putt for birdie, my first on a Par 4.

Congrats on the birdie! As cheesy as this may sound, I've actually kept all of the balls from the first birdies I've made on each par, as well as my lowest score. Yeah it's cheesy, but it sure does always bring back a good memory and usually a good laugh from that round.

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Thanks! It never occurred to me to save the ball and now it's mixed in with the rest of them. Ah well, I've still got the scorecard. I've birdied a Par-3 but I'm still waiting for my first Par-5 birdie. I've parred a few, but no birdies yet.
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I am new to this Forum so first of all: Hi everybody :)

My best shot of the week was on a 220 Yards Par 3, it is a very narrow Par 3 downhill.

I took my 4 Iron and hitted the first shot directly onto the green, but not only that, it bounced twice jumped into the hole and out again just to stop dead
2 feets away from the hole!

As close to a "hole in one" as i have ever been!

The sad part of the story is: I Missed the 2 feet Birdie Putt, waited 20 secs still hoping the wind could blow it in and tapped it for par :/

This showed me once again that i spend to much time on the range strokin balls and not on the green doing some putts.

For the Rest of the Day my flight Partners just called me "Seppo-King of the Three Putt" which just describes my Golf skills perfectly

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I have another one from yesterday. I had already played 9 at the local course and was ready to go home when I ran into a buddy who had just teed off on #1 so I (and another single/walker I met on the tee) joined him for another 9.

On the Par 3- 8th at a little over 130 yards I hit a nice, easy 7-iron that I lost immediately in the sun. The guys I was with made "Ooh" noises so I knew it was good, but when it fell out of the air it was literally 6" left of the pin. It rolled out to leave a 5' birdie putt which of course I missed. Made the par though and that's pretty good for me.

I also made a really nice 5-iron fade approach shot from the left side of the fairway on a 500 yard Par 5 to right in front of the green. Probably the best swing of the day though if I had faith in my hybrid I could maybe have hit the green instead of having to chip up from there.
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My girlfriend, Sarah, and I were at Oak Trail yesterday. I'm just amazed at how good she is getting. I know a few posts on this thread have been about her shots, but I can't get over it.

We were on a relatively long par 4 (350+ for me and about 300 for her). There is a bank of trees on either side of the fairway making it a tight tee shot, and there is a creek in front of the green about 50 yards or so. I hooked my tee shot into the trees and punched out to about 190. She blasted her 9 wood to around the 150 yard marker. We faced a pretty stiff breeze in our face. I hit a draw with a 3-iron that landed about 10 feet from the hole. Obviously, I was thrilled and told her that was my "retirement" shot. She took her 5-iron and absolutely drilled her ball. I was standing behind the ball looking towards the flag and it looked like a gun shot going towards the flag. She landed it about 10 yards short and it ran up to 1 foot from the hole. We both ended up with a 4 on the hole (she got nervous and pulled the putt). After that hole, we both officially "retired" from golf...at least until we got to the next tee.
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I was having a terrible time at turtle creek sunday, but my recovery shots were just on. I had a really tight par 4 up to water, so I played 3i and 3i again, since I duffed the tee shot. I put the second one wide right and into someones back yard. I was in st. augustine yard grass with two tree trunks directly in front of and slightly left of my intended path. past that, a large tree on the right side blocked me playing to the right of those trees any at all, so I set up with a slightly closed sand wedge from about 60 yards from the pin (pin high) and threaded right between the the two trees dropping it maybe 4 feet from the pin. Made the put for par.
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    • A round in the life of a weekend hack:  So shot 37-47 = 84 (Par 70) yesterday. Hit every fairway on the front nine hitting slight pull cut (may be 5 yards curve at the most). It has been working fairly well last two months and am gaining a lot of confidence with it.  On the back nine, Hit ok drives on 10th and 12th and then it happened.... I had the bright idea of hitting a push-draw on 13th hole that is guarded by a tree on the right side of the fairway against anything but a straight ball or slight draw (left is OB death along the entire length of the fairway). Long story short, I hit the draw except it was a pull draw hitting it OB on the left. So double bogey #1.. On the 14th, I thought I just needed to make a slight correction to the pull and hit 'out' a bit. So I end up hitting a push over-draw - also OB left that tightly runs along the entire length of the fairway. Double bogey #2.  Pumped another one OB on 15th to a straight pull (attempting to get back to my 'glorious' pull fade) - double bogey #3,  By now, my mouth was completely dry and I was struggling to remember what day it was.. lol.. and and promptly proceeded to hit another OB on 17th wayyyy out right in full correction mode - this one came with a wonderful triple bogey!     Finally I came about my senses and piped one straight down on 18th and finished with a par.   All I could tell myself was it was good battle. 😂  
    • Just got around to listening to it. Enjoyed the discussion. It was neat to feel like a fly on the wall listening to two good instructors discuss what makes a good student. I liked the concept of the student's swing being a puzzle, and that as an instructor it is satisfying to solve the puzzle. I also liked the concept of having the student come up with a feel themselves. The discussion on a student's feel for a change shifting was interesting. This is something I struggle with, as in after the initial physical change feels begins to normal, I continue to exaggerate more to keep feeling it, but then it overdoes whatever correction was being made. The only thing that bugged me was the audio quality discrepancy between Mark and Erik, and the "Bank of Now" ads.
    • On a work trip, so no videos, but I do have a club and I am doing some mirror work.   Currently focused on four "feels": 1) left hand over right toes/elbow over right ankle when I'm taking the club back 2) right arm on top of left  3) right shoulder as far away from right ear as possible (an@iacas swing thread feel from way back) 4) my elbows staying closer together   Three and four are closely related, meant to get my right elbow into a "pitch" position instead of the "punch" I've always been in. One and two help keep the club head outside the hands while getting the arms deep.  I'm seeing good progress. I'm keeping the "right arm on top of left" feel all the way to the top of the backswing. It feels to me like im super steep, but the mirror shows I'm almost in line with the shoulder plane, and any quote-unquote steepness is a result of my right arm being in "punch" position at the top. I'm not sure if my right shoulder is way too stiff for external shoulder rotation or if I'm just not used to it. My guess is the former rather than the later.  Anyway, on a good path.
    • Day 583: Range today working on the same items. Started with irons and setup. Worked on Leaning Tower feel. With driver, focused on setup with more knee bend and clearing hips in the backswing. Ball flight was slight pushes with driver. With irons, I had some pulls until I went back to the knee bend setup feel and clear hips. Finished with some chips on the practice green.
    • day 78: Indoor putting due to miserable weather outside.. 
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