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Best Shot of the Week


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My best shot of my life took place last weekend when i got an ace at my local course i play at. It was 125 yds and i used a wedge. it was great bc it spun back and every could watch and see it. It was cool bc one of my friends called it when it started to spin back. it was def a feeling i never had before.

Nice congrats on the hole in one!

Playing alone today, coming off a triple bogey (hit it over the green a few times from tight lies and sand), I caught the group in front of me on a 165 yd par 3. They got on the green and waved me up. Four guys standing on the green. no pressure. The pin was in the back, gusty wind directly in my face. I hit a hard 7 dead at the pin. Ball landed in the middle of the green and zipped back about 10 feet. I was left with a 25 foot birdie putt; one guy said, "Make this putt and we'll let you play through." I drained it. :)
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Best shot of the week was last Saturday. I hit the pin with n 8 Iron (160 yds),. I usually draw the ball but this time I took the club back in a more upright manner, instead of the usual trap hook flat swing. This allowed the path of the club at impact to be more square to the target. The flight of the ball was a thing to behold very straight and trying to fade. It hit the stick and made a loud noise which cause the group in front of us, who were on the teebox to turn around and take notice! When i got up to the green there was a ball mark a foot or two from the hole. Too bad it didn't go in! That's all i got for bragging, I won't discuss how I got my tag name!!!
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Went out on the course to practice some shots with my friend during the high school golf team practice. I decided I needed to work on some fairway bunker shots (from about 90 yards) and he agreed too. 3rd shot from the bunker, I hit one that's low and fading right towards the hole. Went straight in, with no bounce, and a nice "SMACK" sound. I was so excited I ran all the way to the hole to get my ball out and back to the cart. I don't hole out too many times.

And now I don't think I need to work on my fairway bunker shots anymore..
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I didn't hit the best shot of my week. I hit the best shot of my life today. 363 yard drive on a par 4 400 yard dogleg. Hit it over the trees and found it next to a greenside bunker. Measured on two GPS. 363 yard F'in drive.
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I cut the corner on a 505-yard par 5 and found myself 87 yards out in the middle of the fairway.

But the better shot of the day was the 190 yard cut 5 iron to a blind pin (after my drive left me jailed) on the 18th.
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Best shot of the week were four holes in a row. Hit 4 approach shots leaving myself birdie putts. Hole 12 LW to 7 feet. Hole 13 5 iron to 8 feet. Hole 14 PW to 6 feet. Hole 15 6 iron to 5 feet. Too bad that I didn't make any of the putts :/
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About 105 out, not much wind. Full pitching wedge went straight at the pin, hopped once basically straight up and down and stopped within 5 feet. Got me some compliments from my playing partners, but too bad I couldn't keep it up.
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Despite 3 putting for bogey 4 times in 9 holes, I did sink a 25' putt for par.

Unfortunately the 25' putt was on a par 3 in which I botched both the tee shot and a chip.
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Got my first career hole out(not including shot little chip-ins from just off the green)! Had about a 50 yard chip into a peninsula green for birdie. Absolutely nailed it. It hit about 10 feet in front of the pin, bounced once, bounced twice, dropped straight down.

Thing was their was a wedding at the course and they were taking pictures on that green and had taken the pin out so it wouldn't be in the picture and forgot to put it back in. I was just going to hit my ball with it out because chances were I wouldn't hit the pin but for some reason I ran up there before the shot and put it back in. Best decision I've ever made on the course thus far.
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Today, par 3 134 yards with front pin placement. Green is uphill about 25 feet or so and green is protected in front by nasty bunkers and several undulations. I knocked my PW to within 3 feet of the pin but missed the birdie putt (1 of 3 birdie putts missed today). Settled for par and cursed the course for aerating last week.

Still, I was happy about that shot because I've had trouble on that green many times.
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First time playing the back nine at Green Meadows (Jungle) in Hudson, NH today. On the par 4 17th, my first two shots had gone bad, duffed my third, and my fourth went over the green (all coming off and up-and-down on the par 3 16). My fifth shot, a chip about 20 yards to the pin, I hit thin and over the green AND a greenside bunker. I was so frustrated at this point, and didn't even take a practice swing at my sixth shot. Chipped over the bunker, hit the rough on a downslope and rolled to a foot from the pin. Would have been one of best shots of my life if I didn't get a 7 on the hole.
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Monday night i went out after work & played 6 holes. Into the wind on a 511yd par 5(thin tee shot into the wind left me a loooong ways out) i hit a 170yd 5i & put it within 4 ft. Made the putt too. Hooray!

I hit a pair of 1 irons safely off the tee as well on one hole. Around 200yds a piece. Nothing special, just a good confidence builder.
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