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Best Shot of the Week


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Hit a nice 3W off the tee on the short par-4 #6 hole today. Ended up about pin high in the left hand rough, and followed it with a great pitch to about 5 feet and then missed the birdie putt.


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My best shot of the week... month... happened this morning on the Par 5, 15th at Bent Tree Golf Club in Sunbury, OH.

The 15th is a 468ish yard par 5. Forced carry over at least some water, and then the green is guarded by more water. My drive was a little bit left of where I wanted it. Leaving me 185 to the flag, but with the ball in the rough and with a pair of trees and a pond between me and the hole. Initially I was going to hit a safe 7 or 8 iron and put the ball in front of the green in two. Then wedge it on the green and take my chances with the birdie putt. 

Instead, I decided to hit hybrid between the tiny gap in the trees. I hit it perfectly. Hit the front of the green and rolled passed the hole, leaving me about a 9 footer for eagle. I missed the putt, but had less than 3 inches to tap in for birdie. Here's an areal view of the hole and a picture of where my ball came to rest. 


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Never had this happen before….playing Pinehurst #2 with 2 Guests and another Member. Played decent all day, especially the back nine.  Need a par on 18 to shoot 4 over. Hit a great tee shot dead straight down the middle.  Had 138 yards to a back right pin. There was a crosswind breeze, decided to hit a 7 iron and cut it into the wind.  Hit it almost perfectly but it landed just right of the pin and spun off the green into the right bunker.  If you’ve played this hole before you may remember how deep it is. I’m 6’5” and I could just see the surface of the green.  To make matters worse, my ball had rolled off the bunker all the way  to the outside edge leaving me a down slope sand shot to short sided pin.  Par? Heck I just wanted out of the bunker!  Took my stance did a smooth swing and caught it perfectly! Except it was down hill and I couldn’t get much spin on the shot! What happened next was stupid luck. The fourth player in our group was in front of the green chipping up to the green. In a blink of the eye just after I hit my shot and as it started to run from the pin, his ball comes rolling up the green and they collided. My ball stopped 4ft from the cup, and his ball kicked left to maybe 8ft from the cup. We were both surprised, as his ball would have rolled off the back of the green no question.

In the end I sank the putt for a par, he saved bogey!  I’ve never had that happen before!

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