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    • It’s literally a board right? I’m not even sure what it does. Does it have a fulcrum?
    • I keep seeing advertisements on social media for something called Down Under Board.  I did a search and all i can see is people using it or people saying how it changed their game but doesn't really tell you what it is for and how to use it.  I think it is for balance, but I can't really tell.  Can someone that uses it explain if it is good or if it is just a gimmick?  Having said that, wouldn't you be able to just make one with ply wood and save about $140?  How do you know what is the right size for you?  Thanks, just curious. 
    • When I was growing up we were taught not to use swear words, and, in front of our parents, in mixed company,in public, we did not. Things have changed a lot since then, and what was once unacceptable, is now fairly common. I still try to hold to my old standards, but I don't worry if someone else has different standards. I don't really have a problem with JT, but if he found a different way to express himself, I'd be ok with that. There are a lot bigger things to worry about than this.
    • It's the GAP of distance you're looking for, then no one could help you but yourself.  Since you're the only one who'll know which cub to fill between the 200 yd.-240 yd. It may be two clubs for 215, 225/230, oe just one for the general between the 200-240 if you don't need precision yardage. I feel the hybrids will have better control and give you more consistent yardage than the fairway woods could.  Being closer to the irons..... However, not many could take away or add a 5 yards for distance over 170 no matter what type of golf club in their hands.  Only the few who could play 170-200 like the average golfer's 120-150 control .  Keep it in mind of what type of shots you'll need to use the extra club for ?    Mostly from the tee ?  From the fairway or combination of fairway and more challenging lie ? In the 70's and the 80's I bag the driver, 3 wood, putter and 1-SW .  But the loft on the irons were quite a bit weaker than today's "longer" irons.
    • At his level, its all between his ears and coming out via his swing. That's an obvious oversimplification of the situation but he just doesn't have that confident swagger thing going on. I watched him hit the one OB where Faldo was questioning his set-up and then yank. I have to think when you lose your confidence to some degree from a 10 to say a 7 you got to get it back up there on that big stage. Seems like any weakness is exploited at that level especially the mental game. I could be totally off base. 
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