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152 yard par 3, playing a bit longer though the pin was toward the front. Nailed a 6I so perfectly that the stranger I'd been paired with immediately commented that it just sounded great. Watched it fly, knew it was on line, just had to hope it was the right club. It landed about 10 feet short of the pin and rolled up to about 6 feet past. Easily the best shot on a par 3 in my life.

Of course, I still two-putted; in my defense, I was above the hole with an appreciable left-to-right and I misjudged that---didn't dare try to reduce the break. At least I got my GIR+par.
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Made a hole in one yesterday! 9 iron from about 160. I basically flew it in the cup. The ballmark destroyed the side of the hole. We saw it bounce from the tee and disappear, so I'm not 100% sure how

Kind of cold wet day, hole 17, 195 yards, hybrid, one bounce, ace 

116 yard par 3. Wedge. Lands two feet right of the hole, takes one hop left and . . . It's in the hole!! Bedlam on the tee box!!  

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209 yd Par 3 into crosswind, gentle 5 wood just short of green in fringe, leaving about a 45ft putt left to right.

Shot of the day was watching the birdie putt sink...stoked to say the least!
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145 yards out, over trees, uphill to a green protected by a deep bunker right in front of the flag. Perfect 8 iron to 10ft. Missed the putt. Still yet to birdie this hole. We call this hole the b*tch hole. Par is a fine score here.
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Hit my second shot on a par 5 into a fairway bunker. Had about 100 yards left and couldn't blast it out because of a tree overhaning the green. Choked down on a 5 iron and hit a low runner onto the green about 8 feet from the pin, made the putt for birdie! Was very happy with that!
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It was actually a series of range shots. Been working on shot shaping and consistently hit a series of 5 perfect draws of about 10 yards of right to left. Felt pretty damn good!
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2nd shot on a par 5 today. 240 out with a 3W. Straight on the pin 15 ft short. Barely missed the putt. Tap in birdie though. More importantly, I hit my new HiBore XLS fairway woods much better than my 07 Burners.
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Two shots stick out in my mind. One was a pitch, a one hop check and roll into the cup for birdie. The other was a delicate 75 yard wedge which I put to 5 feet and made the birdie putt. Both shots were 56 degree wedges.
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Chipped in from 20 or so yards after coming short on a par 3. Slightly downhill, had to land the ball on top of a small hill on the green, it bounced once and slowly trickled in the hole. It was beautiful.
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was playing my community golf course (Palacio) just a nine hole par 3 course- but a lot of fun to play with friends. On the second hole it is a very flat green with about 6 feet of fringe around the green, so its hard not to hit a good shot. The hole was said to be 108 to the pin, and with a little down wind I pulled out the PW. washed that sucker Pro V1 until it would spin like an amimal, and crushed the PW from the tee. It had a little draw and landed 4 feet in back of the hole and spun back to hit the BACK of the pin, but would not sink :(. Was looking for my first hole in one but a 1 foot kick in birdie would have to do.
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Playing a match in a our singles club knockout, first round. Hit a 3-iron "for safety" off the tee of our SI 4, 12th hole. Huge block heading straight OB (so much for "safety"!!) but hits a big tree and stays in. Ball sitting under branches about 170 from green; clear swing though. Hit 3/4 punched 3-iron (chance for redemption) with a big fade. Takes off perfectly under branches, pitches ~20 yards short of green and runs up perfectly to pin at rear of green leaving a ~15 foot putt for birdie. Lipped out.

Great par but lost hole as conceding a shot though!
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duck hooked my teeshot into the deepest darkest forest not even a sasquatch would be in...
absolutely flushed my 3h... i have no idea how it didnt become a lumberjack but my ball didnt so much as graze a leaf... i didnt see it land let alone come out... but my buddies in the fw were screaming bloody murder... cursing at me... i thought i killed a lil old lady walking to her ball or something the way they were screaming...

my ball was sitting 3ft from the flag
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    • Day 112 (7/27/21) - C19--PP Day 2 today. Focused on keeping my shoulders turning on the proper plane and minimizing head movement. 
    • I'll only ever leave a ball in the trap once. Because ... I'm launching number two into the stratosphere. Some of the longest, most majestic shots I ever hit come out of the greenside bunker on the second effort..  
    • Ticket To Ride; Gloomhaven.
    • One of the more freeing things I ever learned about golf was the bit in LSW about how good or bad (I guess depending on your view) Tour Players are from bunkers.  I can get out of a bunker and onto the green most of the time, and now it isn't something I really worry about practicing;  both because of lack of availability of practice bunkers and also the lack of the need.  The quality of my approach shots has also improved and keeps me out of them enough of the time, too.  And most of my "didn't get down in three from the bunker" instances are three-putting from places I probably shouldn't three-putt from too often, which means the bunker shot wasn't the culprit. 
    • Yeah, it's definitely highly dependent on the situation. Based on my limited experience with how penalty areas are marked near cart paths, it's very rare to see the relief area be between the cart path and the penalty area. That's why I was skeptical but also hedged in my post. In any event, this is really an easy situation in competition. Have them play 2 balls and take some pictures of the area. Let the committee sort it out afterwards. That's easier than arguing about it and have that hanging over your head.
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