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Best Shot of the Week

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i was 135 yards out and hit an 8 iron a foot away from the cup today

now that is a really good shot...

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Made a hole in one yesterday! 9 iron from about 160. I basically flew it in the cup. The ballmark destroyed the side of the hole. We saw it bounce from the tee and disappear, so I'm not 100% sure how

Kind of cold wet day, hole 17, 195 yards, hybrid, one bounce, ace 

116 yard par 3. Wedge. Lands two feet right of the hole, takes one hop left and . . . It's in the hole!! Bedlam on the tee box!!  

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It has to be hole number 2 at the south course at my golf club. I drove the par 4 green in one, 2 metres away from the pin with a 5W that wasn`t even mine. My bag was in a car far away from me, so I had to borrow clubs from a cousin.
He was pretty shocked as I stepped up to tee number one, and drove my ball several yards longer than his drive with a Callaway driver. Following up with a par 4 in one at the next hole, was a really great feeling, and he told me he would only allow me to use his putter from now and troughout the round.
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418 yard par-4. I had a decent, but not good drive to within about 215 yards to the center with the pin toward the front. Took my trusty 3-hybrid and drilled a laser to about 10 yards in front, two bounces to within 8 feet or so. Yea! Unfortunately I still wound up with a bogey due to a really awful first putt. Got so excited about the 2nd shot I forgot how to putt temporarily.
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Double Patrone Tequilla chilled with salt around the Rim and Slice of Lemon.

MMMM...GOOD!!! Chased with an ICE COLD Corona-NO lime

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need to finish -1 on the last two holes to shoot 79... on 17 i hit a good drive then hit a 9-iron to 3 feet and made birdie

i salvaged a par on the short par-5 18th after i missed the green from 80 yards
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#2 at Pioneer - 400 yard dog leg right, down the hill and straight into the green after about 230 yards. I cut the corner, over the trees and down the side of the hill, over the (really slow) twosome ahead, and to the front edge of the green, a chip away. I measured it on Google Earth - 340 yards.

Which helped in the end because the twosome ahead was really slow (it had taken us 25 minutes to play a hole and a half), and they let us through because my drive was about level with one guy's fourth shot.

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Hit a bad approach shot from a severe downhill lie with my wedge, ball rolls over the green, guys on the next tee walk over, then say they don't know where my ball is (thanks for taking my ball A$$.) So i take my stroke, then chip in from 20yrd for the par.
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My best shot of the week came on a 280 yard par 4. The whole has 2 sand traps right in front of the green and I didn't want to take any chances of landing in there so I pulled out my driver and took a shot at the green. It landed right over the sand trap and right in front of the green and rolled withing 2 feet of the hole and I ended up getting an eagle.
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280 yard par 4

What! A 280 par four?!? There are par threes that are longer then that at Promontory AND Glenwild! --- OK, this shot of the week came on the par 3 13th at Park City Golf Course. I duck hooked my drive off into the lake, took the drop and proceeded to hit my third. Took two bounces and went in. Ya!
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Here's my first post for shot of the week:

Local goat path, par 4 360yd dogleg left. Tee shot was in the middle with about 130 to center of the green. Hit a 7 iron to 4 feet and got my first birdie of the year. I guess the approach shot was the shot of the week, but the birdie putt was across the slope. It was more like my hole of the week.
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No doubt about my best shot of the week.

100 yard par 3 16th at my local course. Hit a sand wedge just short of the hole. A bounce and a roll and I have my first ever hole-in-one. I've been waiting for that shot for 16 years.
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Norwoods GC in Hannibal, MO #12 315yd DLR. Everybody is hitting 3i off the tee because it's so short and such a severe DL. I pull out the Driver cause I fade everything, outright slice when I crank on it. Dropped the right foot back and took a HUGE swing and nailed it. Ended up on the front apron. after about 50yds of roll........unfortunately I three putted for par.
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10th hole on the Gold at Flanders Valley. Monster par 5, up hill the ENTIRE way. Tee shot into a fairway bunker with about 250 left. Lay up with the five iron to about 50 yards. Elevated blind pitch up to the green with a bunker to my left, and then pin slighty to the right of the bunker. I hit a half lob wedge and hit it crisp. It felt good and the line was good. Dropped off my bag, and walked up to the green. Shot of the day for me! I saw a ball mark about a foot past the hole, and the ball backed up to about four or five inches from the top of the cup. Tap in for birdie, which gave me two birdies in a row at that point. Went on to shoot 75, my best round in thirteen years of golf.
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Shoreline golf links in Mountain View, Ca. Par 4 about 360 yards. I chunk my tee shot and it ends up short and left in the trees. I have about 180 to pin and the green is protected on the left with some trees and a bunker. I have just learned how to hit a draw, so I pull out my 5-iron and give it a shot. I hit a perfect draw with a good amount of roll and turn it onto the green, 20 feet from the pin.

It's a good feeling when you first learn how to shape your shots and see what they can do for you...
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    • You’re plenty deep at A4 in both. Do you think about swinging out more from A4 to A5? That’s one feel my instructor has me working on. Steep at A3 and shallow at A5 with swinging out from transition.
    • Yes, but at least Tiger Woods got to be the reigning Masters Champion for an additional seven months.
    • Day 52.  Today included 30 minutes putting (went to a course during a break from work), mostly 6-15', highlight was making two 15' in a row and leaving the third on the back lip.  I also hit three dozen balls (another 30 minute break), working on my priority piece (setup and part of backswing, with hip and chest alignments).  I also did speed sticks protocol one out back.  Today was a good day. 
    • Okay, so, two things: W-I-D-T-H T-I-L-T
    • Day 3 - April 14, 2021 Chip and pitch drill using the COVID-19 practice plan drills for 1 hour. Adding in the Pitch wedge along with my Lob 60. Practiced pitch and chips in my 30 yard practice course. Getting better and putting them close. Even holed one. Yeah! 1/2 hour of swing flow drill practice (my fav) with pitching wedge. 
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