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3rd shot on a par 4 (don't ask) uphill so I couldn't see the green surface. It was 109 so I took a 9i to compensate for the elevation. I hit straight at the flag and it held it's line. The ball mark was 3" from the hole and left me with a 5' bogey putt that I made. Too bad I couldn't see it land. How come I only hit shots like that when I can't see the green.

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Made a hole in one yesterday! 9 iron from about 160. I basically flew it in the cup. The ballmark destroyed the side of the hole. We saw it bounce from the tee and disappear, so I'm not 100% sure how

Kind of cold wet day, hole 17, 195 yards, hybrid, one bounce, ace 

116 yard par 3. Wedge. Lands two feet right of the hole, takes one hop left and . . . It's in the hole!! Bedlam on the tee box!!  

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Had one standout shot today... I was on hole 7 at a local course, which is Par 4, 409 yds... It's a severe dogleg right, and my drive only went about 220 yds (I swung too high on the ball). My second shot, I could've either played it safe and hit a short iron shot , then take a straight shot at the green (this is a blind shot... can't see the green unless I stood about 15 yds to the left of my ball)... but since I have a bit of a natural slice, I decided to try to play around the bend. Hit my five iron, it curled right around the treeline. When I went to look for the ball, I was looking all over the rough to the right of the green thinking I hit it a bit wide... I look to the hole, and the ball was on the green about 2 yds away from the hole.
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I have to say that the best shot of the week for me was two putts that I made during my last round.

11th hole at Sharp Park golf course, I hit an average bunker shot onto the green and had a trick up hit right to left breaking putt and had the perfect speed and just broke in as the putt lost it speed to curl in to save my par.

18th hole at Sharp Park pulled my approach shot to within 15 feet for a side hill slight down hill putt. I read it and made the putt and it curled in to make my birdie and tie my buddy for the double and nothing.

The putter is the great equalizer
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par4 #17 386 dogleg left... water and traps on the left side...
i actually was aiming to barely cut the corner and carry the closest part of the water for a decent peak at the green... instead a got ahold of that ball... i mean i got all of it...
it was a mean pull that i thought was a duck hook for sure...
my bro gps'd it from teebox to green was a 265 carry over water 290 to the center...
my ball ended up right in front of the trap... musta carried 270 at least... clearing the water... then bouncing its way almost into the trap...
first time ive ever almost driven that green... and it was by accident... lol
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I drove my first par 4 yesterday! Although I hit the cart path to get the extra 50 yards up to the green. ;)
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Best shot yesterday was on the par-3 16th. Huge pond that you have to carry, barbell shaped green, pin in the middle, right behind a huge bunker. The 2 guys before me hit 5 irons into the water, so I used my 5 iron and gave it a nice gentle swing, curled left to right and plunked on the fat part of the green, rolled into the bar part, leaving a nice downhill putt. Forgot what happened after that but was really pleased as I had never hit that particular green before.
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#14 Par 3 at Hartland Glen Golf Club. big green. Pin was placed in the front right corner behind a big sandtrap. Hit a beautiful 7 iron thinking it would drop right past the sand but it caught the lip and was 1/2 under the sand. One foot over the bunker on the fringe and one in the sand. Hit one of my best sandshots ever to about a foot and a half. My best sand save yet.
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I was playing in a golf outing and we were doing a 4 person scrabble best-ball, and on the 18th hole we had to play a shot in the rough with a branch hanging down in our way. If you had a good punch shot it wouldn't be that hard. Unfortunately I don't; I'm a moon ball player, so I didn't know what to do. I was the last to hit, after the other 3 players, hit the branch. I hit a driver yes a driver out of the rough. It went right under the branch, sailed about 100 yards right to the 100 yard marker. The hole was a par 5, so we were left in perfect position for a birdie, which we did get.
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I have a couple.

On Saturday in a 4 man scramble I drove a par 4 and then made the 40 footer for eagle. I couldn't get a read to the pin through the trees with my rangefinder, but google earth says it was 270 and it was into the wind some.

Today on #18 (my 9th), after a mis hit slice I found myself 180 yards to a pin behind a pot bunker and the green is slightly elevated. I hit a great 7i to about 4 ft and made birdie. Yay... It's a good finishing hole.

Also Today on #9 (my 18th), I had another mishit slice on a touch 455 yard par 4 with big hazard in front of the green. I had 220 to the pin and it was sitting down in the rough. There was just no way I was going to get an iron there from that lie so I hit my 5W and hit it great. It landed just past the pin and stopped on the back fringe where I went on to the par the hole. I will take a par there every time. That hole just eats my lunch.
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3rd shot out of a bunker on a par 5 about 25 yards. I flew it 2' left of the hole, bounced once and stopped about 3' for a nice par. I am loving the ProV1.

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Being new to golf, my first few rounds out I was reaaallllly struggling with greenside bunkers. I'd setup ok, but always end up topping the ball and sending it far over the green (in one case back over the water I had just hit over to land in the sand).

Went out last weekend and had a sand shot up. Decided it's time to crush this demon. Setup, focused only on my swing and not where the ball was (looking at the ball seemed to be what made me hit the ball instead of the sand in front of it).... ball popped out and stopped < 1 foot from the hole. My confidence went way up after that.

Hit 2 bunkers yesterday, first one was a fairway but I was right up against a steep edge on it so i just wanted to get it out onto the fairway. Other one was a greenside. Both shots were hit well and did exactly what I wanted.

Now to fix my putting :)
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Have a couple from last couple of days too!

Monday: Playing the 5th i drove the green (374 yds) to 6ft and made the eagle putt yay!

Tuesday: 13th par 5 60 yard wedge shot, smacked the pin and fell straight in!!! Lucky otherwise i would of airmailed the green!

Today: 18th, 190 yds 6 iron to an inch! felt soo good!
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200yrd par3 #16... water in front and to the left of the green... bailout on the right...
3h teed all the way down...
thought i hit that baby super thin and it had a low line drive flight with a slight fade...
hit the collar... took one bounce... hit the flag part of the stick and dropped straight down on the edge of the hole...
missed my first ace by millimeters...
but ill take a tap in birdie anyday
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I was about 75-80 yards from the green on a par 4. Worm burned my drive and hit a bad 3 wood trying to get to the green. Grabbed my 54* wedge and took a nice 3/4 swing and knocked it to about 1.5 feet and it rolled past the hole to about 3 feet or so and saved par.
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hia gud drive then toped 2 5 18 degree hybrid shots on the 4th to about 50 yars then took out my pitching wege and hit it to a foot and the spin held it there so i held the put to get boogy

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