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Finally found a qualified club fitter with a trackman in my area, got to understand my swing more than ever.

The stat that stood out the most was my dynamic lie angle with the 7 iron. It's at 69* with a KBS c-taper X-Stiff 130g (Less droop). That's +7* from standard 62*.

I've ordered some +5* +1" irons. For the first time in my life I'll know what turf interaction with a good lie feels like, no more compensation move to hit it straight !


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Glad you found your perfect fit. Since my last post, I purchased a set custom factory built Mizuno forged JPX 900 iron's with some fairly light S flex steel shafts. 1 1/4" over and 7 deg upright. They swing way lighter than my MP14's, and my swing has changed for the better because of it. I've had them for about 9 months now and really like them. I only ordered a P thru 5, which I now regret. My 2 iron was one of my favorite clubs with my old set. I figured I'm in my mid 50's now, I can just use a 4 hybrid to cover the longer shots. That hasn't worked. I still like hitting long irons. So before my model goes out of date, I need to get a 4 and 3 iron made. Maybe a 2 iron to boot! The factory already has my spec's on file, so it's a easy order. 

I have definitely slowed my swing down and I am starting hit more greens with the long irons. All good. 



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