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    • I don’t think they are following the science there. We have to rely on that. I voted yes. 
    • There are a number of places in the article that references government requirements.  I took a quick look through Google, and see that the UK does still have significant restrictions on travelers, including proof of vaccination, testing, and quarantine in some situations.  Those restrictions are going to apply to anyone visiting the country for the tournament.  They are facing a surge in new cases, apparently associated with the Delta variant.  Given all that, its hard to blame the R&A if they're following current government guidelines and restrictions.  And I honestly don't know whether the government policies are excessively restrictive, given the surge this spring from the Alpha variant, and the current surge from Delta.  I'm just barely on the side saying the restrictions aren't too far, given the current situation in the UK.
    • Some examples: “I’m going to go because it’s the British Open. But I certainly thought about not going. I just can’t believe with the numerous examples of successfully run safely held tournaments and majors here that they can’t figure out a better situation,” the player said. “If someone on your plane tests positive on way to the British and is sitting anywhere close to you, you’re out no questions asked, no matter if you’re vaccinated. It’s aggravating that they deem the tournament safe enough for 32,000 fans a day to attend, but won’t let a player’s wife, children travel and watch the tournament, nor will they even let players visit a restaurant without threat of disqualification.” and According to the note sent by the R&A to players, caddies and coaches, those on different player teams will not be allowed to stay together, which makes things difficult for many who travel in support of players. “The up-to-four persons [regulation] within private rental accommodation must be included within the players’ own support group … For example, multiple players or multiple caddies are not permitted to share private self accommodation,” the R&A email read. “We recognise this is difficult for many that used to share during the championship but the Government’s strict contact tracing requirements mean that this will not be possible in 2021. and The potential for being ousted from the tournament has players angry, especially in light of the eased restrictions for patrons. The R&A recently announced that up to 32,000 fans will be able to attend each day at Royal St George’s — that’s 80 percent of the typical 40,000 spectators allowed on the site. “They care more about the revenue of the fans buying beers than they do about the actual people participating in the tournament,” said the player who spoke with Golfweek. “Any fan can go to a grocery store or a restaurant and we can’t. Does that make sense? And I’m vaccinated. How does that make sense?” So, I voted "yes."
    • Players angry, consider skipping Open Championship after R&A hands down strict COVID regulations Some are considering a boycott of the prestigious event and others are simply miffed by the regulations. What do you think about the COVID Protocols at the 2021 Open Championship?   I'll get things started.  I voted "YES" they are going too far.  What is the point of telling players, coaches & caddies that have been living in close proximity for months and most have been vaccinated they cannot share accommodations?  And at the same time allowing @ 80% capacity for fans?  Do testing, etc. similar to the PGA Tour, it seems to have prevented any massive outbreaks for quite some time.  They also claim requirements are for Contact Tracing, if you know who is in the house, RV, etc. Contact Tracing should not be that hard.  By making them separate they may actually increase the number of people they come in contact with. 
    • I have downloaded the pdfs. It's time I get myself used to working yardage books. 
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