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    • My club of evil club of hate... Every. Single. Last. One. Except my driver. She is my BFF.
    • In April of 2019 I had my first EVER club fitting.  For my birthday my wife bought me a set of irons, fitted my by golf pro. It made a world of difference;  If I had been fitted years ago, I would be much better along.  Anyway, at the time, she said (my wife), you need to golf more,  Who was I to argue?  LOL.  Since that time I have attempted to buy a driver and fairway "off the rack"... massive mistake. My fairway needed replacing, so I wen to my local Pro and asked her what she thought.  She knows me and my swing.  She handed me three fairways.  A good buddy of mine said I should try X brand, so I a had added to my group.  Guess what?  My Pro knew more about me than my buddy.  I hit all four many times at practice, and yes, I am not perfect, I did choose one of the ones my Pro thought would work best for me.  I will not ever buy a club again without trying it out first again.       f
    • This seems mental to me.  Don't pause too long. When these shots happen to me, it's usually because I have taken the club too far inside the line during the back swing.  Don't know if this is true for everyone.  My two fixes would be: Do my best to take the club down the line as long as possible during the back swing or Set up for a big fade and really open the club face and weaken the grip at set up.  Usually this produces more of a banana slice, but once you prove to yourself you can hit the ball right, you can adjust your setup pretty easily to hitting the ball straighter.   
    • Using the Mevo has been pretty eye opening. Generally, when I hit the ball, I am good at detecting gross contact issues. Fat and thin shots are obvious. Toe shots that miss the grooves I can feel and hear the difference. Shank, duh. But seeing variability in the ball speed / carry / spin / vertical launch angle for shots with comparable swing speed, and that feel good (no obvious miss on the club face) tells me my strike variability is causing inconsistency. Pretty sure this is normal for a 15 handicap, but the new data gives me something to discuss in my next lesson. Swing speed has also been surprisingly variable. My 7-iron swings were between 88-96 mph, and driver swings ranged from 106-114. There didn't seem to be a pattern like speed decreasing over time as a result of fatigue. This tells me there's something going on here as well. In my excitement to use the Mevo, I probably have not been as diligent with my practice shot routine. When I'm in a lesson my instructor always reminds me to take at least one practice swing, align myself and address the ball deliberately, get posture/setup correct, etc., and generally swing speed is consistent +/- 1mph. So far with the Mevo it's been more of a rake and whack routine. I'll see if the data normalizes when I'm focusing a bit more. Again, maybe not surprising for a 15 handicap. Either way, seems like I can provide my instructor with some additional information prior to each lesson, which I am excited about.
    • Ah, the ol' too close to the ball joke... after you hit it...
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