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My Swing (Will_M)

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I've been Playing Golf for: 5 years
My current handicap index or average score is: +1
My typical ball flight is: Slight Draw
The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: The pull, I guess?

Over the last couple years I have slowly built a very repeatable swing and am starting to hone in on the last changes I feel like I need to make. I will post videos later if people really would like me to but I would rather not put everything on display and have people start saying I should change this or that. Like I said, mostly happy with where the swing is.

Here is what I would like to change (I am obviously the bottom photo):


My hands/arms chase down the line and disconnect from my body after impact which more often than not leads to pulls on bad days. The blessing and curse of being athletic is I can get away with it and still be pretty good.

I am looking for a drill to get the handle/hands moving more left after impact and the internet has thus far not been that helpful. Does anyone on here have suggestions?

Thank you and glad to be part of the community!


No videos for now... Will perhaps post them later on in this thread.

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Sign up (or log in) today! It's free (and you won't see this ad anymore)!

Sign up (or log in) today! It's free (and you won't see this ad anymore)!

Well... still no videos to post. But I do have K-Vest data!

Today was the first time I had ever used a K-Vest and it was the coolest thing ever. I can also see it being a slippery slope though.

The pictures I attached here are off the efficiency data, basically how well your kinetic chain works... turns out mine does not work very well! In the first swing (The one where the upper body number reads 746 dps) you can see on the graph that it looks like my upper body and hips start down around the same time. Obviously, this is bad as you want to increase the X-factor as much as possible (aka I am not creating a rubber band).

There are some other things on the graphs I could talk about but I don't want to bore you or make it seem like I know more than I do, because I actually know very little about this stuff.

There is a whole separate section of the K-Vest data that looks at whether you have proper setup/posture, side bend, bend, etc throughout the swing which was also interesting. That was the part that seemed a little dangerous though, chasing a perfect number, especially if you have physical limitations.

Anyway, throughout the session I had some numbers that popped up that showed me if I got my kinetic sequence working right I could definitely be producing more ball speed than I do.

Top velocities:

Pelvis: 501 dps

Thorax (Upper Body): 746 dps

Grip: 1815 dps

The grip velocity is more of a function of the first two as it is at the end of the kinetic chain.

Now I just need to practicing getting the sequencing right!

Edit: not sure how to embed PDFs... sorry. You'll have to click on them to see the data.



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You are a plus one and you 'guess' a pull is your miss.  You say you want max X factor starting down.  You want more of a Ben Hogan look post impact.  Hmm.  

First you are an excellent golfer.  Nice work on that.  You are better than I would ever attempt to be. 

I honestly don't think you have given enough info for anyone to offer anything of use,  especially given your level of play.

From what you have said thus far I would be extremely cautious about changing anything!  Many a good player has taken a bad turn in this game in search of something better that never materialized.  Also this guy is pretty good without a manufactured swing left post impact look.  Justin Rose.





Also if posting your swing up for comment might cause you to doubt yourself...don't do it.  Awesome handicap man five years that's really great!

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    • Congrats on a great round, especially when suffering with the flu. I am on day 6 with the flu (diagnosed), and now know that death is probably not a bad thing.  I put down a 40' X 80' yard full of sod by myself. I was spent. Putting it down was not too bad, but I had to carry each piece from the font yard. I was maybe 35 at the time.  I had just sat down to admire my work with my favorite beverage in hand. My phone rang, and it was a good friend calling saying they needed a short stop for their men's soft ball team. I tried every excuse I could muster to not go. His friendship finaly got me to the field, which is when I found it was double header.  Long story short, l played as perfect a two games as one could ask for. No errors. Turned several double plays. Went 10 for 10 batting, with  4 of those going over the LF fence.  Spent the next couple of days in major muscle pain. 
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