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    • Uhh...it’s ‘Kens’. 😡
    • Riverpines Golf Club - 69.4/127 - Par 70 - Blue Tees So, I did the thing again... that thing where I break 90... and shot an 87 on a tight, heavily wooded course that I've only played a couple of times, and had not played in about two-and-a-half years.  It was also the first time in that same length of time since I putted on bentgrass greens, which I did pretty well. I managed to get around the course with only four double bogeys, and one of those was on a par five where I attempted to lay-up with a seven-iron, and discovered that it was too much club.  Otherwise, I hit a bunch of really good iron shots with everything in the bag, and I only really struggled with the driver.  I only hit six fairways, but I managed to make up for it with some really good approach shots that either got me on the green, or close to it.  I only hit three greens in regulation, but I was around greens in regulation - fringe, bunker, etc. - 11 times.  I didn't hit a single poor iron shot all day.  The only poor results were a result of not knowing my yardages, which I plan on dealing with.  I also was using my old AP-1s, which are not as forgiving or long as my G30s, but I was still hitting them a long way.  With their narrower sole, I was worried about hitting shots fat, but I hit them really crisply all day.  Putting was a bit of an issue, but most of the misses were due to pace on the bentgrass greens.  I had 33 putts, and only three putted twice.  Of course, those numbers are a bit skewed with putts, chips, and pitches from around the greens, but I hit several really good putts, both from distance, as well as from six to ten feet.  I made five clutch par putts, and only two of them were less than five feet.  Another positive that I took from this round is that I scored a stroke better on the back than I did on the front, and it was really hot and humid. Confidence is growing... and my handicap is shrinking... down from 22.5 to 21.7.  I feel like if I go back out to Pine Hills now, that I will shoot in the low 80s, or possibly even break 80.
    • Regarding stigma, I think those days are passing. Years ago when graphite iron shafts were beginning to surface you have to remember the technologies for producing graphite were not as roust as today. So you had numerous graphite shafts that had tip breakage, out of round (created a whole "spine your shaft business model" and inconsistent weighting from shaft to shaft. So none of the top players would commit to something so hit or miss. Plus the "feel" was nowhere near what generations of golfers were use to with steel shafts. In more recent times the graphite/carbon fiber technologies have exceeded steel capabilities in most areas. I volunteer for a senior Champions Tour event, I see as many irons with steelfibers as TT or KBS. So I think graphite is on par with steel irons shafts. I mean think about it, graphite took away steel shafts in woods, its only a matter of time regarding irons/wedges. I like having a choice with both as I am all about feel. But I think those in the know understand that graphite has its advantages when fit properly. 
    • Tee times at Whispering Woods are booked for: 9:40, 9:50, 10:00, 10:10. We may not need the last one, but just in case… I'll figure out a game to play or something, depending on everyone's mood once we get closer to the date(s). P.S. I'm still open to other options, but Rich gave me the reduced rate of $45 (cart included of course) for a weekend morning block of tee times, and we can play the blue or white tees. I'll endeavor to put experienced people with each group, too. 🙂
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