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Help with hitting my wedge shots?

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Well I just wanted to give everyone a final update report. I tried everything everyone suggested except changing the shaft(I thought I would try to see if the problem was me first) and I have some good news.

I tried really hard to concentrate on hitting through the ball and not at it, and starting the swing with my lower body first. Also I tried putting my left foot a little farther forward than I usually would for my irons, and I watched a instruction video. The instruction video told me to think of using my right arm and hand as pitching a baseball underhand and as I hit through the ball to keep that image in my head. As I kept that image in my head using the 60 degree wedge my very first shot was a beautiful high shot that came down softly and rolled towards the pin(I have a mop handle set up in my yard to practice with).


So after I put all your idea's and everything I read and watched online together along with figuring out my own stance and everything I am happy to report that I am now much better then I was before. I would like to sincerely that everyone for all the help they were in helping me to be better at my short range game.





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On 5/8/2017 at 6:44 PM, Hategolf said:

Without knowing your handicap is hard to say.

The 60 is a pretty specialized wedge. I don't think is designed for longer approach shots so if you try to squeeze the most distance a lot of things can go wrong. I don't think you can trap the ball with a 60 like you might be able to do with your PW. 

I struggled with a 60 for a long time..when I was on, I loved it, when I was off, I added at least 10 strokes to my score. 

I had two faults with it: casting a little and I would blade it, and trying to de-loft it added more complexity than reward.

I moved to a 58 and worked on the faults and I'm very happy with the change.

Agree....the 60 is specialized.  Don't use that club if you are having trouble.

Really not joking....just keep it at home.

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I generally like taking  only 1/2 swings with a 60 wedge and like to use it when I play ball below my feet and downslope lies inside pitching distance.  

I don't seem to have good control full swinging my wedges anything higher than 52 degrees

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