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    • I may or may not have shook hands with people this weekend at a certain golf meetup.  I also shook hands with a few neighbors when they stopped by recently to chat.  I am a low risk group, but I am no longer "social distancing" so long as the other person feels the same way. You'd be surprised how many people are ready and willing to shake hands, etc.  Anyway, back to golf. Great to see Michigan easing restrictions. It'll be nice to see rakes in the traps again and get rid of those silly pool noodles in the cups. 
    • Yeah, but I played blades in the early 70s. It was all we had. When you hit a thin shot you knew it. Ouch!  This said I was looking at a set of blades a year ago - the Cobra King MBs and I hit them well in the bay, but here's the problem. I could hit the 7i 143 yds with a 10 yd gap between clubs down to the GW. Now that's not bad. But the yardage gap diminished to 9 yds going the other way: 152 for the 6i, And on a flushed 4i it was 170 yds. carry. Now my 5W carry is 210 yds. Thats 40 yds. Going the other way, the GW in the set went 103 carry which was fine. If I went with a standard wedge set up, I'd still have a yardage problem at the top end of the bag. There are some par 3s I couldn't reach with the 4i.  So a set for me incorporating blades would go MB, 7-GW, 54, 58. GI 7i (155), GI 6i (170), 5H (185), 4H (200), 3W, D, Putter. Mix and match.
    • Golf is hard!  Yesterday I shot 87, my highest score of the year.  Played in a Men’s event on Pinehurst #5 where I typically shoot low 70’s.  Our whole group got off to a bad start. No one broke 80.  I went OB 3 times, 3 putted 3 times and missed 4 putts inside 3-4 feet for par.  Course conditions were below average.  Maintenance of the course was below par due to a shortage of maintenance personnel.  Cups haven’t been changed in a while, have you ever seen the cup rims overgrown by grass before?  And of course they decided to finally do some maintenance before the event started and sanded all the greens.  Everyone struggled! Fast forward to today!  Played #2.  In fantastic shape, greens are rolling true, fairways are what I call lush, not cut to tight.  Bunkers were even raked!  Shot 4 over 76(White Tees).  What did I do better?  Putting was great, 2 sandy pars, one sandy birdie. 3 over on the front, one over on the back, bogeyed 18.  Statistically I hit only 7 fairways and 6 GIR.  Chipping, bunker play and putting both on and from off the green was great. 27 putts.
    • I probably spend 20 minutes or a little more most days.  First some stretching to start to loosen things up.  Then some short irons, slow or partial swings first, progressing to full swings.  Next a mid-iron, progressing from easy effort to proper full swings.  Maybe 5 or 6 drivers.  Then back down, a few mid-irons, a few short irons.  To the putting green, mostly 20 to 30 footers feeling for speed, alternating with a few 4 to 6 footers to practice hitting my line.  Back to the range, a couple more drivers (or whatever I'm swing on the first tee), and off to the course.   For a competition, I'll typically arrive a bit earlier, start with a few putts, then a few chips, and then into the same basic sequence as I outlined above.  If I'm not at my home course, I'll spend more time chipping to watch the behavior of the ball when it lands, and more time with longer putts to get adjusted for the speed.
    • Had to give this a shot couple times today while practising, at first it felt so uncomfortable I couldn't focus on my target at all. After doing this even my normal grip felt weird for a while. Not sure was the weak grip weak enough, but it surely felt like the wrists might break if I hit that hard dry ground, ended up hitting little thin. One friend used to play with almost this weak grip and he always said the hard fairways make his wrists hurt, now I understand why. 😅 Also felt like hitting with completely straight stiff hands with the weak grip, one lever got completely robbed. The strong grip felt like I could hit the ball with nothing but wrists and it still would go a mile. 😄  
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