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Hey everyone,

I've played golf a few years ago in high school and been to the driving range a decent amount of times and I've decided that I'm finally going to take it up as a sport. I'm down to my final club choice, and it's my driver. 

The choices are the Vapor Fly, Vapor Fly Pro, Covert 2.0 and Covert 2.0 Tour. I'm looking for a club that has the most forgiveness over distance right now. Swing speed is around 85 most of the time. Don't always strike the ball clean, hence why I need the added forgiveness. Which would you guys recommend? Vapor models would come with the Diamana S+ 60 Blue Board shaft and the Covert models would have the Kuro Kage Black.

Is the difference between the Pro and Tour models that much of a difference? I'm thinking yes and it's more of a choice between the Vapor Fly and Covert 2.0 but that's why I'm here asking. Any advice would be great.


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General comparison on Vapors, assuming the same shaft in each club:

Vapor Fly tends to launch the ball higher and hold better line, the Vapor Fly Pro tends to launch lower and fly longer (assuming one has high clubhead speed). Diamana S+ 60 BlueBoard is:

  • R flex: 64 grams, 5.4* torque, with a slice control bias, mid-launch.
  • S flex: 64 grams, 4.5* torque, mid-launch.

With 85 MPH clubhead speed, probably you would want Vapor Fly with R-flex.

If you're becoming serious about golf, get a driver fitting: Base your decision on a combination of Trackman numbers and feel, not what strangers tell you online.

I tried both VF models at a Nike tour van fitting in Spring 2015, but don't remember much about them. (They didn't make my short list for further testing).

Covert is a bit older; I'll let others comment on that pair.

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A friend gave me a Nike Vapor Fly Pro (Tinsei CK 50 shaft, Regular). I am an old guy and a slow swinger. I have only one round in which I hit the club decently. Of course, I haven't practiced with it regularly. But based on my experience, I would suggest the Vapor Fly. Hope this helps.  -Marv

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Note: This thread is 1254 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Made it through 16 holes today at +11 (73). Had 14 GIR/nGIR. I was about 30 yards from the green on a par-5 when I had to quit due to darkness. Just extrapolating my scoring, if I par #17 (considering I was close to GIR already), and bogey #18, that would be an 83, which is an excellent score for me on this course, from the tees I was playing. My ball striking was good all round, and I only had one horrendous mishit (topped a 3W off the tee on #2, ended up making a 6). The wind was strong and gusty so the ball was doing some weird stuff. On the first hole I flushed my drive, and it only got out 228 yards, then proceeded to hit my hybrid 260 yards just short of the green.  
    • Day 317 Played 16 holes today. Started pretty late in the afternoon, and was almost home on the par-5 17th hole when it was finally too dark to continue so I picked up and headed home. One of the best rounds in recent memory, and there was some pretty wild wind to contend with. Too tired for a superspeed workout so that will wait until tomorrow.
    • The only people that are allowed to whine about 3 putt pars are tour pros😉. Just kidding. Glad you got out for a round, and keep that driver in play and going LONG!!!
    • Day 126.  Speed sticks, protocol one at halftime of SNF.  It has been eleven days since I did this last;  that's way too long. 
    • I did not play at all last week.  My most recent score before today was a hieroglyph from two weeks ago.  Truthfully it was probably 94 or 95, but I did not keep a proper score.  There was alcohol involved. It rained heavily last night.  So I got us on at beautiful and challenging Osprey Point, the crown jewel of Palm Beach public golf courses.  I can only get a tee time when it rains and people cancel.  I am increasingly suspicious that morning rounds are being given away by politicians for unethical reasons because the "public" tee times are simply never available before 2 PM. Anyway, the course was a mucky mess with intermittent rain.  I got an 89, kinda good for me. I could not get a putt to drop today. But (to toot my horn a bit) the driving has definitely been switched ON for the past few weeks.  I hit driver on 11 holes today, 8 fairways, no penalty strokes, and they were bombs. I sure hope that I have turned a corner, though probably not.  It will all go to pot again soon enough.  I should not even speak of it publicly or suffer the wrath of the golf gods.  But while this lasts, confidence in the drive opens up some wonderful options when you can hit it much further than the people you are with. The courses are just not long enough.  Have a look at Falcon 4 at Osprey Point:   I love smart designs like this. The score card says 315 from the gold tees, but that involves laying up on the dogleg (which you can't really see from the tee box) and pitching onto the green like an intelligent person.  This hole is a trap. You can see the scrub brush barrier.  It's only about 12 or 15 feet high. The green is small and elevated, but the scrub brush hides the elevation.  There is not a lot of room to miss on the left. I have gone for this green twice in the past.  Both times I over-swung and pulled it into the woods. More recently I have simply played it properly.  But with the driver working I felt emboldened today.  Sure enough I found success at last.  My pic is not great here.  The drive came up slightly short of the green, not really 292. It hit the incline and just stopped.  I was close enough to putt though.  Yeah, I three-putted.  Oh well.
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