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June 16 - Rest day today. I will do some stretching and shoulder turn work and maybe some pitching, but I need to rest the knee. It was sore during the round yesterday and I rode! Left wrist is not healing very well either.

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6/10/17: So GIR are "king". Yesterday I shot my lowest 9 holes of the year. 38, no birdies, but 7 pars and 2 bogeys. But I hit 4 GIR, 2 Fringes, and the 3 Greens I missed that I couldn't putt wer

My hips have a tendency to sway back (away from the target) on the backswing...  

Gonna give this a go.   6/1/2017: I spent 1 1/2 hours at the putting green working on chipping with a SW and PW and putting.   I've developed a game where I chip to the 6 holes on the green

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10 min of "wall drill"

Worried about my form, I went online to find a video and was surprised to find a zillion versions! So, I picked these two:



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Went to the range this morning, so outdoors and with balls.

I started in the bunker.  I'm visiting my parents for U.S. Open / Father's Day Weekend and the range near them has a great chipping and bunker area as well as grass tees.  For some reason, it is a lot less busy in the summer than the winter, which is great for me for every time I'm out here this summer. 

I've never been a good bunker player but, before my last round, I re-read the sand section from Utley's The Art of the Short Game.  I don't know why, it just dawned on me to do.  I hit six bunker shots during that round and five were great splashes -- not great distance control, but they were the splash and flight I want to expect from a sand shot.

So the difference was leaning forward and not hitting so far behind the ball.  I think.  I'll take video tomorrow if the bunker is available and add that to my "My Swing" thread. I hit about a dozen balls in the bunker, taking practice swings first (yes, I'm aware I can't do that on the course) and focusing on setup -- digging in my feet a bit, presetting my weight a bit left, and swinging for a farther shot than I'm actually trying to hit. I bladed one of them, but the rest escaped the bunker and got out.  After a half dozen, I felt comfortable taking a longer swing and it went farther, but not "full shot with a sand wedge" further.  I'm now at least comfortable that I can hit a sand shot, but it's something I'll need a bit more practice with so it at least stops being so bad for me during a round.

I also took one shot with a gap wedge, near full swing, to see that I could hit a longer sand shot with a longer club if I needed to, and was successful.  For now though, I'm going to be happy (a) out of the bunker and preferably (b) on the green, with the knowledge that bunkers are a weakness of mine and might warrant some more attention.

I also did full game practice, with my now-usual routine for the current priority piece:  address ball, stop at backswing and check hand position.  Reset, take backswing, if it feels right, slow the forward to the ball and stop.  I sometimes then "rewind," then go forward and hit.  Other times I reset again and take the swing.  Going to take video tomorrow, too, for evolvr as I think I've made progress on this priority piece. 

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7 min wall drill. Like combo effect of the two different version and look forward to trying butt against the wall version with a club

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6/16: Traveling, but played 18 before we left. Shot 86 with 9 pars, but had a triple and a few doubles. Driver and short game were working well, irons okay too but had a few duffs. I recorded about 11 holes for a vlog, will hopefully get it posted next week when we get back. 

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6/17:  full swing irons in the yard; these seemed better than the range trip a couple days ago; a little quick on the backswing, though; need to work on tempo some.

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6/17 -- went to the range again this morning.  Sand shots, although there was no rake so I was a little limited as I didn't want to make a mess.  Still got some shots in there, and then did my usual routine at the range with checking where my hands end up in the backswing, checking a downswing, and then swinging.  Hit balls very well, will post video in my "My Swing" thread and also submit the full ones to evolvr. 

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Note: This thread is 1483 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • I'm watching this video and he mentions "he got himself a little more out onto the front of his feet" and "he's got himself more centred in to back of his feet" in the other comparison https://youtu.be/S8dkDx8YVkI?t=242  Does that mean he puts more weight on the front of his feet than the back?   One more question: how do you create more space for the right arm during impact as mentioned here? He's more tipped over which allows this , I think http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8dkDx8YVkI?t=280 Would reducing how much your right forearm can rotate clockwise help with this, duringthe end of your backswing?
    • Sounds like he may have originated from my neck of the woods,   ‘Awayanbileyerheid’ is a fairly humorous response to someone ,  sort of like ,get lost your talking drivel (nonsense) If you want to get an insight of the meaning , Google ‘ Parliamo Glasgow’ -;))
    • I don’t think there is anything wrong with watching YouTube golf instruction videos, if and only if you stick to one or two instructors. I personally like Matt Fisher and Danny Maude myself.    Funny story: I played golf with three guys I haven’t seen in person since about 2003 today. Anyway one of the guys I played with, reminded me of a video I watched on posture recently, with Danny Maude. Me as a low single figure handicap my arms look like / at address down the line. You want them like | or \ slightly on the latter. My posture sucks… and I shot 1 under on the back today.
    • Can you share some information about your computer, such as OS?
    • There used to be a joke about the instructional articles in Golf Digest.  It might still be there, I haven't subscribed in years.  Anyway, every odd-numbered month, the lesson would be "fix your slice," but what they wouldn't tell you is that it'd cost you 10 yards.  In even numbered months, they'd tell you how to gain 10 yards on your tee shot, but not tell you that it'd cause you to slice. YouTube instruction is a bit like that.  You'll get conflicting information that may or may not cancel out.  Find someone reputable and get lessons for you not for some generic you. If you need someone online to give you something to work on, and don't feel like spending the money for something quality like Evolvr (hey, money was tight when I took up golf, I understand), at least make a "My Swing" thread and try what ends up being suggested for you.  The first time I did this, I was shocked at how someone could watch a few swings on video and give me good advice of what to practice that resulted in some improvement.
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