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    • If you can’t get there you can’t get there, but if improving a bit knocks it down from being your top priority piece, then there’s value in that. Can’t say too much having never seen your swing.
    • I recently signed up for 10 lessons with GOLFTEC, which includes 1.5 hours use of practice bays for each lesson. These folks claim to have data from many hundreds of PGA TOUR pros to substantiate their various "checkpoints". Most are routine but the one new one (for me) is what they're calling "shoulder bend" at the top of the backswing.  They claim the pros have 0 degrees or, even better, negative a few degrees. This category is supposedly "correlated" with maximizing "power".  To achieve this position it correspondsponds to Plummer's "Spine Extension" in the DVD's which, along with Rotation (Torso and Hips) and Side-Bending yields the optimum "top of backswing" position (for a S&T backswing).  Question #1:  Does this make sense? Question 2: Is this demonstrably (i.e. scientifically) valid?    Though I'm 77 yo I can still reach this position but not easily.  To get there I must rotate my right hip >/=45 degrees which straightens my right leg a lot.  Question # 3:  Since I never got there before does anyone have a suggestion for automatizing this movement before I reach 100 yo? And broader yet:  Question # 4: What  are the experiences of other members who have done Golftec?
    • I don't remember the telecast, Miller didn't mention the US not practicing enough at all? I thought he did. https://golfweek.com/2018/10/21/golf-tv-was-johnny-miller-really-tvs-mr-nice-guy/
    • This is a little tricky to say which is right and why they are different. Could both be wrong or could both be right. First I will say remember that the clubs you were fitting are different and have different specs. Stock length on the 5s are longer than the 2s. Swing weights are also slightly different and static weights are different. 100g DG shaft vs a 112g PX (speaking rough cut weights) also could make differences with lie angle. All this is to say that I think you need to fit each club (ie set) on it's own after picking the shaft and head you want. Because those two things will impact the lie fitting. As a club maker I have also come to the conclusion after years that iron length need be far less rigid in it's measurements. If you feel more comfortable with longer clubs so that you are less hunched over in the short irons, then go with that. A half inch longer iron is not going to make much difference in your accuracy game and if it feels more comfortable then go with it. Just make sure you factor in the weight changes in a longer club because that is way more important than length. After all that lock down the lie angles.
    • I didn't get to play or practice much this year and when I did I barely broke 100. It was so frustrating I thought about quitting, but I kept going for the exercise. I think golf is great exercise.  I played with a guy last year who was probably a 7 or so, anyway, he told me the lows in this game are pretty low, but you just have to ride them out. Eventually you find your stroke again.     
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