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    • Which clubs do you have? My long irons certainly weight more then my wedges 🙂 Have the very same issue with my old ping i3. The clubheads feels heavier then any modern club I tried. I don´t have an issue with it on my short irons I actually enjoy being able to feel where the clubhead is but 3 and 4-iron the long shaft just make them feel much heavier and already in the back swing I feel I don´t have full control. Longer irons demand more speed to get airborne due to less loft but the weight of them make it tougher to generate that speed. And it feels like if I am not set up correctly I am not strong enough to correct before impact. I very seldom hit them well. I solved it by getting new irons with hotter faces that just go longer. Two clubs on average longer! some of it is stronger lofts but they still go high thanks to a lower cg and the trampoline effect they got. Its a lot easier to hit then my ping i3 i5 which I could hit decently most of the time. If I where stronger I would have an easier time coping with the i-3 of course. That would probably help more then anything if you have the time for it. I did try graphite on a set of Wilson D300 and it make a ton of a difference on swing weight. Felt ridiculous on the back swing like lifting just the shaft but I can see myself getting used to it and certain it would help my swing speed. But currently don´t feel I need it though and preferr the feel of some swing weight. D7 despite all it´s perimetre weighting still have considerably less swing weight with it´s 80g shafts.  
    • I would imagine your swing tempo is changing with the longer irons. That being said, most higher handicap golfers struggle when swinging lower than a 7-iron. A 7-iron is the lowest iron I have in my bag then it turns into hybrids to take care off everything up to my 4 wood.
    • Those clubs actually weigh less than a wedge, and should have a similar swing weight as your 8I.
    • I think our society is losing respect for ethical values these days. When I wear golf appropriate clothing to a private club it makes a statement saying that I respect the Club I am playing at. How much respect would it show is someone were and dirty old jeans while playing a round of golf and then going into the dining room and eating with that clothing on? Not very much from what I see. Rules, laws, ordinances promote a healthier society. I'm all for dress codes because it shows respect to other people and our society needs more respect.
    • Ya I agree. No need for a disclaimer-I don’t mind my dude. When i tried to fix it, I couldn’t get my shoulders steep. Totally frustrating-so I gave up on it for a while -“bigger fish to fry” type of situation. But ya, it’s ugly! I’ll give you that lol. Seems like my lead shoulder is the problem..looks like it gets in the way- then the neck kinks. -his shoulder looks like it has plenty of room to go under his chin. Good point tho, my plan was to start on takeaway. (Rotate forearms and set wrists to get club more open.) maybe it will help get my lead shoulder moving better to begin with. I don’t think it’s ‘causing the duck hook’ and ball striking is solid (as in the strike) But it is a vanity project, like my right knee was earlier-and hey that’s as good as it’s ever been.
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