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    • I bought the G425 Irons and hated the Arccos grips. Sent them back to Ping and they regriped them for me. Since they were my first Ping clubs I ever owned. I love them and since have repacked most of my bag with new Ping G 410's  not G425 because you don't have to deal with the Arccos grip. The G410's are hard to find new. Still looking for a G 410 7 wood with regular shaft. I can't help but think that Ping made a big mistake by offering the Arccos standard when most golfers don't want it. They should at least offer a non Arccos grip standard also.
    • Well and honestly though I’m a huge Tiger fan…the wood-headed producers would probably cut away thinking we want to watch Tiger talk. I don’t. I want to watch the golf. 
    • I wonder if using a notebook or journal to track my practice would help keep me focused on the process more.  Something like. Practice Swing Goal/Swing Speed/Achieved Priority Grade "Backswing Piece / 80% / B+ Result"    
    • Absolutely! YouTube can be a rabbit hole. YouTube is to golf instructors like WebMD is to doctors.  Bad shots happen and you can't afford to dwell on them. Everyone hits bad shots. Better players stay calm and give themselves the best mental framework to hit a recovery shot they are capable of and avoid compounding errors.  If you don't have a reliable punch shot, get one.  After your round, analyze your patterns and go to work. 
    • True that... Went a few rounds when nothing was working just using a 7i, putter and a sand wedge. Safest club in the bag for sure. 
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