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    • For regular rounds (which is like 90%+ of my rounds) I arrive 30 minutes before tee time. Check in at the clubhouse then spend the remaining time chipping and putting, mainly focused on how the ball reacts when it lands on the green and speed control of putts. Most of the casual courses I play don't have ranges. Tournament rounds I arrive 60 minutes before tee time, check in and get range balls. I like to take my time and not be rushed for a tournament round. I'll hit roughly 20-30 balls, no specific order, just hitting a few of each "grouping" of clubs like wedges, short/mid/long irons, then fairway wood and driver. If its a narrow course or I know I will be hitting less than driver off the tee, I'll hit a couple extra 3 woods. Then I chip and putt, same as casual rounds getting a feel for firmness of greens and speed.
    • If you have any Burner driver model from the last 20 years it is going to be .350 tip which means you are out of luck on using in an M3. If you have a TP model then the shaft would be .335 but the shaft you described is not one of those from my memory. Are you sure it's the shaft specifically that you prefer in the older club? Might want to look at the length, club weight, or swing weight and see if you can replicate the old club feel in the new one. Could also be the head on the M3 you don't get along with.
    • I have watched a ton of reviews and done quite a bit of research on this to decide between the two.  One of the deciding factors is not having to move the unit when a lefty hits.  One of my good friends is a lefty, and when he is over I dont want to keep moving it.  Another decider is being able to take the Mevo outside and use it, whether that be to the course, range or just out in my backyard.  The Skytrak has limitations on this and I have found that it doesn't work well outside, if at all.  If you have a lefty and a righty, the no brainer would be the Mevo+ for the reason of not having to move it every shot.
    • I wonder how much the price point of the new Mevo makes it a “no brainer” for LPGA players purchase it. Or do they prefer the full monty of all the data from a full featured unit.  I guess getting the data from them also may serve as kind of beta testing?
    • Any comparison opinions on the Mevo+ versus Skytrak?  I am in the market for something with numbers/practice/simulation for my garage. Initial thoughts are I like the Mevo+ because I have a lefty and righty. Moving the skytrak around would get old, I feel. Wait time is not an issue for me really.
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