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    • That’s an awful lot of assumptions you’re making, man. Asking for or expecting a discount because you’re a college student is still entitlement.
    • Courses that are close to Universities have this. Some Universities even have their own courses. I’ve played the U Maryland course. URI has a Par 3 near it that has intramural leagues on it at a reduced rate. It is a decent par 3 course too. Alas, I think San Jose is a pretty busy area and may not have these things available.
    • You can think about making the putt...or worry about missing it.  Guess which option is more beneficial in the long run.
    • I am no scientist but IMHO yips are similar to a beginner skier going down a steeper slope than what their comfort level is. It is not a condition as much as it is a phenomenon. Combination of panic and indecision. I can't simply tell myself to not care as much as I care. There is no 'mental solution'. You just have to find a comfort level by practicing the shit out of it. If you can make a full swing without hitching you can putt too. 
    • I received the unit from @Zwingit Golf, thanks Kevin. I will need to spend a few more sessions to get a full feel for the unit. How it works: The Zwingnetic+ Golf Swing Trainer is designed to help you keep your lead arm straight in the backswing and downswing prior to impact. The Zwingnetic+ slides over the elbow of your lead arm and is hinged to bend at the elbow. It works by using a sliding pin that is kept in place by a magnetic that locks the unit from bending. It will work for right and left handed players. The player slides the pin in the locked position before set up. The magnet holds the pin in place during the backswing. This also encourages you to keep the arm straight. As you swing down, if your arm remains straight, the pin will slide down due to the centrifugal force created by your swing. If your arm bends too much, friction will keep the pin from sliding out. First impressions: The unit is well made and lighter than it looks. The straps to secure the Zwingnetic+ to your arm are pretty long. I ended up tucking them in to keep the straps from flopping around. I’m not sure whose arms would be big enough to need all that strap length. Once on, it keeps the left arm straight. I think if you had a significantly bent arm before impact, it would keep the pin from releasing. My arm is slightly bent at impact and the unit still released. I need to spend more time testing this out.  Below is a video of my first use. You can here a double click during the downswing. First is the pin sliding out and second is impact. In one swing, I tried to keep the arm bent, but the pin still released although later than usual. BTW, it was 39F when I did this video.🥶 More to come.
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