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    • Day 23 - Another rainy day in Carolina....still able to get outside this morning to take a few swings with the 6i and foam balls.  Focus was on staying on center - tried this as a warm-up: used the gap in the deck boards on the back deck to "keep my head centered" and then went through the back swing and down swing focusing on keeping the head centered.  As my problem is not rotating enough on the down swing, spent a good amount of the time deliberately coming through and finishing with the chest/belt buckle facing down range AND then moving my head to "watch" the imaginary ball land softly on the green.  Work with the 6i was to replicate those same motions, getting the hips to clear and let the club launch the ball.  Took about 20 swings as it was just drizzly enough to make it miserable.  Deliberately paused between swings to analyze what happened - first few had a couple thin, a couple fat.  RESET time.  Went back through the movements - feeling the swing, the shift in weight from middle - to - back thru to front.  Last 15 swings good and straight, slight fade with a couple with slight draw bias. The swing had that effortless feel I occasionally get on the course.  Yep - it really helped re-reading last night in LSW!   
    • I guess if you wanted to be like Rickie these are the clubs you buy. Though based on recent form, not sure that's much of a selling point. These clubs look good from the back but I found the top down view far less attractive. Similar to the Hogans where the hosel look disproportionally thick versus the top line of the blade. Just my opinion.
    • They are basically the same. Firmer balls generate more swing speed. A ball with more ball speed goes farther than a ball with lower ball speed. So, for most golfers who generate enough spin, the firmer ball goes farther. For some golfers who generate less spin than they need, a softer ball can help them generate more spin to make up a little distance. Think about this: the “distance” balls of the 90s? The Pinnacles and Top-Flites? They weren’t nicknamed “rock-flites” for nothing. A firmer ball will go farther for the majority of golfers, even if they have a lower swing speed. Two final points: We’re talking about literally a yard or two or three. A ball is not going to add ten yards Other things - like the short game control - matter more. You don’t swing your 5I at the same speed you swing your driver, so it’s not like a Pro V1 or some other firmer ball doesn’t perform once you get to slower swing speeds or ball speeds. This is more true now than ever.
    • Longing for those warm days of playing golf in short sleeves. With this snow, it might as well be *K.  Either way, there is no golf. 
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