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Srixon makes irons?

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I demo'd the Srixon irons the other day. They are a very solid iron.

What I like about them is that they offer a very good selection of golf shafts. They are designed to be mixed and matched between the Z-565, 765, and 965. You can easily hit all one type, or make a progressive set. They look fantastic. Very little offset, thin top line, yet they still have a good size to them that they do not look unhittable.

Feel: 8.5/10
Looks: 9.5/10
Concept: 9/10
Options: 9/10

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I have had the idea that I need(ed) more help to play the golf course. I play with Yamaha's, forged Endo steel, woth Nippon 950 shaft. I struggle with the i5. I do get the ball up in the air. I got those irons playing off 24 hcp. Now i play 12.5. But my swing has evolved. So I got the feeling my beloved Yamaha's do not match my swing anymore. Better yet, the shaft do not fit my swing. I experienced a Mizuno fitting. I have to say, all the fuzz about the Mizuno irons as the best feeling ever, I think it is a market hype. But that's me. 

I made an appointment with a fitting studio. Testing, hitting and Trackman measuring. Testing different shafts. Tested the Mizu JPX 900. Light clubheadm but some how a bit dead. Fitter handed me a club, said, don't look just hit. Picked up roughly 8-10 yards consistently. even bad shots produced a more stable yet further and better ball flight. Lower. Shorter shaft than what I carry in my old clubs, Project X PXI. It was a Srixon Z565. Compared to my old irons, the Srixons were better after we compared the numbers. 

The look of the irons is very, very clean. I hate those chunky irons, but these baby's sure look nice. I felt they have a better sound, look and feel than the Mizu, but that's just me. Very peronal I guess. I will have them in the bag within 3 weeks!! Very exited.


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I play the 2017 XXIO forged irons, P to 5, (final choice was between that set and the AP2's, after a fitting) and really like them.
I also have the Srixon ZU65 4-iron (23 degrees) and that one almost feels like cheating :-)

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